Thursday, April 28

What's the Deal challenge: Old School Charmer April 26 - May 2

The featured kit(s) this week is the Old School Charmer kits. I've really been looking forward to this one as it is one of my favorite kits so far.
You can use
Old School Charm 01 Page Kit

Old School Charm 02 Page Kit

or go nuts and pick up both together with the alpha.
Old School Charm LVC

Here are a few of my own layouts using the kit and last weeks posting bonus Owl School Charm which will be in the store one of these days.
And here's the posting bonus for the Old School Charmer challenge. It will as always coordinate with next week's featured kit, Small Wonders.

See you in the gallery

Tuesday, April 26

Life is full of small wonders...

or at least mine is. So I've made a new kit for you to scrap your favorite wonders. Husband, children or the wonder of nature. This kit will fit it all.

And here are a couple layouts I've made with it. Hopefully it'll inspire you to get scrapping.

Go pick up the kit at the DSP store now. It is called Small Wonders SVC

Monday, April 25

New kit: Old School Charm

Go old school with this quirky kit filled with fun elements designed to match anything from heritage to girly layouts. Anything you need to create that old school feeling you'll find here, complete with an alpha to compliment your layouts.

The Old School Charm LVC is also available as Old School Charm 01 and 02 page kits and a separate alpha.

Kit Includes:

    ~ 1 brown striped background
    ~ 1 dotted red background
    ~ 1 folded brown background
    ~ 1 old white background
    ~ 1 solid red background
    ~ 1 worn brown background
    ~ 1 worn yellow bacground
    ~ 1 worn white bacground
    ~ 1 birdcage
    ~ 1 brooch
    ~ 1 brown bow
    ~ 1 fancy frame
    ~ 1 glitter frame
    ~ 1 grey flower
    ~ 1 hand sign
    ~ 1 heart overlay
    ~ 1 old clock
    ~ 1 pair of feathers
    ~ 1 red bird
    ~ 1 red pearl flower
    ~ 1 ribbon
    ~ 1 set of swirly stitches
    ~ stitched frame
    ~ 1 umbrella
    ~ 1 full alpha set with extras

File Size: 200ppi - 32.5MB 300ppi - 49.5MB

Sunday, April 24

Be inspired: Life At Sea layouts

It is time to check out the gallery and see what has been created so far this week with the Life At Sea SVC There are some pretty awesome layouts this week and it was difficult to pick just a few of them to share with you.

Bermuda by moog25

Moenui Bay by mum2riley

Sunrise at the Beach by Betsyfru

Myrtle Beach by Elizabeth

Crabbing by mcbowersox

Friday, April 22

What's the Deal challenge: Life At Sea and a SALE

It's time for another challenge. Actually I started it a few days ago but I've had so much to do that I totally forgot to blog it.

The featured kit(s) this week is the Life At Sea Collection. You can use these kits

Life At Sea Page Kit


Life by the Sea Page Kit

or pick up both of them in the

Life At Sea SVC

And guess what. If you go buy the value collection today it'll be on sale - yay! Everyone loves a good sale.

Your posting bonus this week will be Owl School Charmer

Which can be used together with next week's challenge to add a bit of more boyish colors into the Old School Charm VC

Thursday, April 14

Be inspired: Artistically Challenged layouts

A few days into my first challenge at DSP and the gallery is already filling up with beautiful layouts. It is such a thrill seeing my products in use and I wanted to share a few of them with you.
Artistic Snapdragons by sportsfan

Canvas by Robin E

Inspiration by GrandmaCrys

I'm currently working on the cutest posting bonus for the next challenge. Want a sneak peak? Well here it is.

Tuesday, April 12

What's the Deal challenge: Artistically Challenged

The challenge is simple. You buy a product - you get a product!
Most of you know the drill by now, right? But here’s the deal, instead of giving you a posting bonus that match the featured kit, I’m going to give something, that can be used as a complimentary kit for the next challenge.

Make a layout using either Artistically Challenged 01 page kit

or the Artistically Challenged 02 page kit

Or go nuts and pick up both in the Artistically Challenged SVC

and you'll receive Just Beachy that you can use together with next week's featured kits Life At Sea SVC

So get scrapping and upload your layout to the What's the Deal gallery. You have until Monday April 18th midnight DSP time.

Happy scrapping

Monday, April 11

A different approach to scrapping

Art journaling is definitely not a new thing, not even in the digi scrapping world and yet I've never really had the desire to try it out. I looked at the pages others made and didn't understand them. They just looked messy to me. Well, it turned out that art journaling was much like learning to drink coffee. It took time for me to appreciate it but once I got started it was difficult to stop again. It took time to get past the dark and gloomy art journaling pages and realize they don't all have to be that way. It is just as easy to scrap happy thoughts/memories. It really is a great way to tell stories and express feelings. Not to mention a good way to use some of all the fantasy kits I've bought simply because they were way cool and not because I cared much for the genre.

Believe it or not but this actually started as a layout for a birthday art journaling challenge. The prompt was birthday and I instantly thought of 'It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to'. My birthday is in July and all my life I had been used to spending the day pretty much alone because my friends always were away for the summer. Birthdays weren't worth celebrating.

But then the layout took on a whole other direction because as I was working on it I thought of the change that came the year I met my husband and we shared the first kiss on my balcony on the morning of my birthday. It's difficult to believe how my life has changed since that kiss. [SEE CREDITS HERE]

This has been on my mind a lot lately. I really miss getting out there on my bike, just driving around and enjoying nature. I guess living in the city has really killed my motivation to get up on my bike, but I really do miss it. [SEE CREDITS HERE]

I'm currently working on a little music/scrapping project. I'm a huge music lover and with just about every event in my life I have a song for it. They are the songs that reminds me of the feelings, persons, events. They are the songs that makes me stronger, makes me believe and makes me let go. They are the songs that together tells my story better then anything else. [SEE CREDITS HERE]

Well this started as another page for my 'Soundtrack of my Life' art journaling project I'm working on but as I was working on it and really listening to the text this [awful] song got a whole new meaning.

The song this time is Barbie Girl by Danish Aqua. Ask my friends what my song is and this is the one they'll mention. It has stuck with me since a very fun night a long, long time ago. Well I'm sure you don't need all the details, but it did involve alcohol and me singing Barbie Girl with a bowl on my head on a dare. It wasn't even the worst of the dares that night but for some reason it is the one most remember. [SEE CREDITS HERE]

Feel like doing some art journaling yourself, then check out the forum for more information and the gallery for more inspiration.

Saturday, April 9

Day of firsts

It was another beautiful day in Denmark and the first day where we could actually feel the warmth of the sun. In fact it was so beautiful that I fear this can't continue much longer. Soon the usual rainy spring will take over and leave us once more in the dark. But for now we are enjoying that we can be outside as much as possible. Flemming took Buller to the last dog training class of the season and much to my surprise Buller finished first in his class. It's not that I doubt that my dog can be well behaved - I know he's not! But the hard work had drained the poor dog of all energy.

We did a bit of gardening, mostly to spend as much time as possible in the sun and after dinner we took the car and followed the small roads out of town heading west. As much as Buller hated the drive, he loved it when we finally decided we had arrived. Don't you just love that? Just taking the car and driving with no particular place in mind? We had found this small stretch of beach behind a couple of rows of houses in the middle of nothing.

Within 30 minutes of our arrival the sun went down sending out the last golden rays of a perfect spring day.

Friday, April 8

It's official!

It was Saturday, the national song contest was on television and during a break I made a quick trip to check my email. I was hoping for good news, but not really expecting it. After all it was Saturday. There was one new mail and in the preview window all I could read was “Hi Jeanet ,We would very much like for you to join the DSP team of designers.”

I'm just going to leave that one stand alone for a moment...

...”We would very much like for you to join the DSP team of designers.”...

Are you freaking kidding me? Needless to say I was overexcited and despite it being late and I needed to go to work the following morning Flemming and I opened a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. I had trouble sleeping that night and when I woke up the next morning I was hit by a sudden feeling of stage fright. This past month has been an absolute roller coaster ride. One minute super excited, the next worried if I really had what it takes.

Last night it was announced that I was the new DSP designer and today has been amazing getting greetings from all over the place and me being busy thanking those who believed in me when I didn't. Finally I didn't have to keep it a secret any longer.

I haven't put much up for sale yet but here's a bit of what you can find over at the DSP store. I really hope I'll see you there.

Happiness All Around
Artistically Challenged
Life At Sea SVC

And of course I've got you a small freebie. Click on over to DSP to download it.

I'm really looking forward to this new adventure and to sharing it all with you.

Thursday, April 7

Last day of the birthday sale

And here are a few of the things you don't want to miss out on today. All of these are available for just 99 cents.
Eclectic Heritage Page Kit 1 by Marcee Duggar

Fabulous Five Birthday Kit - not just for age five! by DSP Designers

Flourishing Romance Page Kit by Meryl Bartho

Lavender SpringA by CarolAnn Gary

Lightly Bright by Lauren Bavin

It's a bit sad that the birthday week has come to an end but knowing DSP I'm sure they'll soon have something new and fun ready to keep everyone scrapping.

Wednesday, April 6

Meet Sander

I finally got a chance to visit my friend Jette today and perhaps more importantly I finally got to meet her new baby boy, Sander. He's still so very small and is most comfortable in the arms of his mother but I think he was a bit interested in the camera, which is probably a good thing with me around. I'm sure he'll be a star of many of my photos and layouts in the future. Now if only I could persuade his mother to give digital scrapbooking another chance. With such an adorable subject, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Tuesday, April 5

Beach time

The day was bitterly cold, the wind was close to storm and with every passing minute the rain came closer - all in all, a perfect day in Denmark to go to the beach.

The best thing about going to the beach this time of the year is not only that we usually have it to ourselves but also the beauty of the beach once the snow has melted. The shore is filled with nature's own garbage. Seaweed and thousands of shells that has been thrown out of the water, leaving a mosaic of colors and textures. One shell shines like mother of pearl, another seem to have a thousand different shades of blue.
But going to the beach this time of the year is much more then an experience for the sight. The sound of the waves rushing into shore, the wind playing in the grass and the distinct smell of Spring just around the corner.

All in all a perfect day to go to the beach!

Saturday, April 2

Day Two Specials

Day two of the Birthday celebration at DSP and what fun we've already had. There's a 24 hour chat going on there right now with lots of challenges, prices, freebies and of course a lot of great conversations.

I had two layouts and a birthday card made within the first 3 hours of the chat. (Yes, you read correctly, Susanne, you would have been so proud of me - I actually got to scrap!!)

7Photos Fast Quick Click by Lauren Bavin & Nature's Ephemera 1 Page Kit by Christine Gundersen

Scraps of Fun - Sports CD by DSP Designers

There's still a fantastic sale going on and don't forget to pick any of these kits for just 99 cents today!
Forever and Always Value Collection by Lauren Bavin
Grunge At Sunrise by Christine Gundersen
Spring Thinking Page Kit by Tina Chambers
Spunky Vibe Page Kit by Nicole Young
Wild Berries Value Collection by Carole Harden