Tuesday, April 1

Earth Day

So I haven't really been around this past month. I've started working again and after a 3 month break it is hard getting back into it. I've been early to bed most nights and haven't had much energy for scrapping or designing. 

So this month's blog train consist mainly of older things that I've given a facelift. The papers are new but apart from that it's all recycled which in fact is very appropriate considering the theme.
New or not I hope you will enjoy this small freebie - and don't forget to check out the rest of the blogtrain - starting at Pixelscrapper.

I might not be updating a lot but I really appreciate that so many of you are taking the time to download the freebies and leaving a little love behind. I love reading all your comments. 

Thank you! Now go click on the image and download this freebie!

Sunday, March 2

A Country Wedding

So this is a day late but I had some computer trouble yesterday so I was unable to upload the kit which of course I should have done earlier but hey that's life. 

The theme for the Pixelscrapper blogtrain this month is a country wedding. A few ladies with events coming up requested this and they had some very specific ideas so I just took that and create from. That of course meant that the kit was easy to make but looking at it I don't entirely see it as my style. Yet I know it is.

Anyhow I hope someone else but the two ladies that requested it will find it useful. I only just found out what the next blog train is and I am so excited to get started on that one and can't wait to share it with you. 

Until that, have fun  with this kit and I'll see you all next month (or sometime before but my life has taken a small turn which I might tell more about at a later time).

Have a great day everyone - and thank you for all your wonderful comments. Once you've downloaded this kit you are ready to move on to the rest of the blogtrain here.

Friday, February 21

Let's go to Paris

I've been scrapping so much lately that I needed to do something else. Luckily there's always a designer challenge at Pixelscrapper and this new challenge was to create an add on pack for one of the kits they sell at their store. I chose the Paris Bundle by Marisa Lerin. I loved the colors and figured I might be able to create some Parisian. So I spend the morning creating. 

And speaking of creating. I've finished my next kit for the blogtrain and I might already reveal that it is somewhat out of my comfort zone and yet reminds a lot of the work I used to do for Digital Scrapbook Place. I'll share it next Saturday. 

But for now let's go to Paris (Oh that's a lovely idea isn't it?)
Click to download

You can download it here and I so appreciate that so many of you are leaving me a comment. It means a lot to me and helps me keep creating for you guys. 

Friday, February 14

Love Yourself

I mentioned Lynne-Marie's Love Yourself challenge briefly the other day and I promised I would get back to it. She has designed this 12 week challenge (or programme I'm tempted to write) so that we can focus on our mental and psychical health. The challenge will be in four rounds of three. Body - Mind & Soul. Each round will focus on different things. Here's what she wrote we would be doing these 12 weeks:
You will challenge your body to a more healthy lifestyle.
You will challenge your mind to overcome obstacles.
You will challenge your soul to a deeper sense of your purpose in life.
This left me thinking; I do very much want a healthier lifestyle. I have been good at letting my mind set up obstacles. I have no idea what my purpose in life is. (Really does anyone know and if they do - how did they come to know it?) So this challenge had to perfect for me and so far it does feel like a pretty good match.

The first week has just ended where the focus was on the body and more precisely on our favorite part of ourself and what could do with some working on. There's no doubt that I think my eyes are my best feature. Always has, always will, but as for the rest goes - I need an update. If you recall from one the first posts I did this year, I added 'Start eating more healthy' on my to do list and I have. I know I've been kind of quiet about it here but I am taking better care of myself. There's still room for improvement but I'm getting there. Only last week and the week before, nothing happened on the scale and I was feeling pretty low. That is why my focus in my journaling was on how far I've come. 36.7% of what I need to lose. I need to feel proud about that. 

Now just because the first week is over, it doesn't mean it's too late to jump on board. You can do that any time you wish and today the next challenge was posted. It is focused on achievements and sacrifices. In this case my journaling ended up being a bit too personal for me to share so I've blurred it in my web file.

The challenge is to make a timeline of our achievements. I won't go into details with the challenge - Lynne-Marie does it so much better than me right here. In my case I found it extremely difficult. I could do a work related but what does it say about me? Eventually I did come up something I feel are achievements that helped form who I am today. But I have to admit that over this past week when I saw the other CT members post their timelines I felt sad when I looked at my own. I thought is this really it? Everyone elses's were so family oriented. Children in particular. Yeah, that bummed me out BIG time. This is a journey and that was a major bump in my road.

Anyway I do hope you will check out the challenge. You might be able to use it all but if you can walk with just a bit, wouldn't it be worth it?

Wednesday, February 12

A Pretty Good Match

So I guess there's not far from thought to action these days for me. Only Sunday I was considering if I wanted to find myself a more permanent CT spot and the morning after I received a PM from The Lilypad designer Lynne-Marie asking me to join her team. I have been using her products a lot lately so it wasn't difficult to make the decision to say yes.

What really appeals to me in her designs is just how versatile they are. I can use it both for art journaling, memory scrapping - even heritage as shown above. We all know that my interest change quite often between one of those three things so I'm guessing this will be a good match. Much like it was with Marcee Duggar whom I still hope will some day make more amazing products for me to play with. So I'm very excited about this new adventure.
Another thing about Lynne-Marie is that she is doing a 12 week project Called Love Yourself at the moment which couldn't have come at a better time for me but more that another day.
Now I would be a pretty poor CT member if I didn't hurry up and mention that this is my latest layouts made with one of her products and that the kit is called Pretty and the bundle is on sale today. It's 65% off so it's yours for just $3.50 and this is a huge bundle and with that price you want to be sure not to miss it today. Check it out yourself at The Lilypad.

Sunday, February 9

SPA|Blue Heart

Materials by Lynne-Marie, One Little Bird & Little Butterfly Wings.
'My heart is blue for you'. That's the theme for SPA this week. It took some sad music to get me started on this one. I didn't really feel that blue. Or at least that's what I thought because clearly there was something that needed to get out. 

I've made a lot of layouts this week which I'll share with you next week. Somehow I've found my creativity again. My creativity is so fragile and unreliable so I still get this victory feeling whenever I finish something without having to force it. I know it is something that shall be nurtured and encouraged but I don't always have the energy for it. Anyone else feel like that? 

I've thought a lot this week about finding a more permanent CT spot somewhere. I do very much enjoy creating for the sake of creating. But what happens to the fragile creativity of mine if I have to deliver? Grow as it did on my first DET term or crumble like it did during my second term? Okay you didn't stop by to read this but rather just to see what I've done this week for SPA.  So...

Have a great Sunday everyone. 

Monday, February 3

31 signs of madness

The whole do a layout a day is something I've done before. I even started a challenge at DSP called The Consistent Scrapper (which I believe Webfrau has been good enough to continue after I left). So when The Lilypad started their Month of Challenges January 1st I thought this was going to easy. [Insert pause for you to think how completely and utterly naive I am].

I guess I had to learn it the hard way that there's a world of difference between doing a layout a day and a challenge a day. About half way through there was a challenge that made me give up. I couldn't see how to get it done and therefore I didn't want to bother with the rest of the challenges. 

But it kept nagging me that I wouldn't be finishing. I tried a couple of times but stopped again thinking I would never finish in time. 

On the very last day madness struck me. And it did it in a sneaky way. I didn't even know what I was doing until a couple of layouts later. I was 14 layouts behind and after two I thought "Hmm, maybe I could just do them all?" Someone should just have stopped me there because 10 hours later my entire body was aching from sitting in front of the computer. My head couldn't think a single original thought and I saw everything in layers. 

But I did it. I finished all 31 layouts and looking at them now I'm glad I did. With only a few exceptions I love them all. However what is even more amazing is that I managed to use a photo of myself on 6 of them which must be some kind of record for me.