Friday, January 29

That's just beachy...

I just had a look back on my blog entries and realised I haven't mentioned my design dreams since August. Well they are still very much alive although I'm still not sure if I'll ever be able to make kits on command. I haven't even been able to finish any SNL kits these past two months, not feeling up to using the kit theme or color scheme. But I still design. Here's the latest kit I did.
I even got a layout made with it which is so unsual for me. And if I can't scrap with my own kits then how could I expect others to do it?

Apart from that life is as much the same as it was in August. I'm still a member of the world's best creative team at Digital Scrapbook Place (I might be a bit partial on that one, so forgive me), still enjoying married life and still looking for a new job instead of the one I have right now.

Friday, January 1

Ready or not... Here I come

We don't really have any New Years tradition any longer. I'm not even sure we ever had any besides from year after year being together with the same group of people and usually getting too much to drink. You know the usual NY's parties in your early 20s. But it all changed when we got the dog. He just doesn't like fireworks and we are supposed to always look out for him, including NY's eve. So recent years we've been home. A nice relaxed dinner (with still too much to drink) with a few friends. A lot of smalltalk and just a wonderful evening in generel.

Last night was exactly like that. We all had a great evening (even the dog seemed to relax just a bit more then earlier) As I woke up this morning I felt ready to meet a new year with whatever the challenges it will give. I think I'm ready for 2010, only question is - is 2010 ready for me?