Thursday, November 5

A glorious new world

When I grew up, living out at the countryside, we had two television channels and the second one didn’t even come until 1988. We could listen to one of the four state owned radio stations and sometimes on particular clear days the local station from the nearest big town 20 something kilometers away. There was no Internet available. Cell phones were still so big and expensive that no one I knew had one.

As I sat on the bus on my way to work today, listening to my favorite US radio station I came to realize what a revolution we’ve been through these past 20 years. The fact alone that I’m able to sit in a moving bus and navigate my way around all kinds of international radio stations and still have better quality then the old state stations says a lot about just how far we’ve come.

And on that note I might as well confess it right now – I’m totally addicted to my Iphone. I listen to music, play games, write notes and tape random ideas for later use. I take photos and send my husband photos of the dog while he’s at work. I twitter, facebook and keep up with the latest events at my favorite websites. I call friends and stay in touch via mail and text messages. I even wrote this blog post during breaks at work!

When I grew up I never imagined myself doing any of these things but for the younger generations they’ll never know a world without it. I once read an interview with some guy that argued that in reality all technology was at a standstill. We were only finding new ways to use existing technology. This might be true but what a glorious new world these new ways have created.

It doesn’t take something new to create a revolution, just a different way of looking at something old.

Monday, November 2

Keeping warm

My husband keeps telling me that I’m just being foolish. To put on an extra sweater or go for a walk. But there are limits to how many sweaters I can wear and go for a walk every five minutes and nothing else will be done that day. The truth, although he’ll never admit it, is that our house is ice cold these days. We are experiencing seriously bad weather even for the season and the heat isn’t turned up enough.
What can however make me warm is that panic attack I had this morning as I turned on my computer or should I say - tried to turn it on. Nothing happened. Absolutely NOTHING! Can you imagine my panic? I’m still not quite sure what happened but one thing is certain it is in need of good spring cleaning! So much stuff and so little space isn’t the best of combinations. I’ve spend the day getting up to date with my backups and drinking lots of tea to keep me warm and once I’m actually brave enough to agree to do it, I’ll have my computer re-installed.

But the never-ending fear is what if something unexpected happens to my back up in the meantime?

Sunday, November 1

The morning after

There’s something so incredible sad about the morning after a great evening spend with friends. You spend the day before excited about getting to see your friends, shopping, cleaning, getting dinner ready and walking the dog so he can spend the evening sleeping.
The evening passes faster then you would ever expect it to. You eat, laugh and talk like you’ll never meet again and suddenly you are saying goodbye in the doorway and they’ll leave into the darkness of the night.
And then you wake up the morning after to this sight. I call it the glass graveyard. They stand like lonely monuments in the cold light of the morning only accompanied by the candles that burned out hours ago and tell their stories about another great evening.

It’s only Sunday afternoon and I’m already missing Saturday nights.