Saturday, June 27

Statistically Challenged

I love numbers! So when I opened the gallery at DSP today I noticed a bit of statistic that I had to look a bit closer at. Here’s what I found:
  • There are 278,263 photos in the gallery and there has been made 1,454,523 comments which mean that on average every layout should have at least 5 comments.
  • There have been 50,682,339 views which on average means that each layout gets viewed 35 times but only every 7th person comment on the viewed layout.
  • There are 152,425 users which mean that every member on average has two photos in their gallery but the top ten posters counts for more then 5% alone with nearly 16,000 photos in the gallery.
  • 22% of all the photos are in the Challenge galleries which mean that every 5th uploaded photo is for a challenge.
  • 42% of the challenge layouts are in the designer challenge galleries which mean that every 11th photo uploaded is for a designer challenge.
  • Doing challenges is a good thing if you like more comments since layouts for challenges on average gets approx. 7 comments which is two more then the overall average.
  • Our Queen of scrapping Mars is the number one poster in the gallery with 2,249 photos which mean that since she joined in September 2005 she has on average made more then four layouts every week!! Now how many of you can match that? I just did the math on my own gallery and I can barely make an average of 3 every week since I joined in 2006.

I had to use that knowledge for something, so I've started a challenge (since everyone loves a good challenge) at DSP. You can check it out here!

Statistically Challenged

Friday, June 26

Can a fairy be bald?

I've spend almost 3 days on the frame. I keep saving it as a png file just to go back and work more on it. I keep finding new things I can adjust and seriously it would have been so much faster if I had just made one flower and then duplicated it but no, I obviously don't know how to keep it simple.
I'm still waiting to find out what the featured element will be for SNL#51 but with just 3 elements 'done' there's plenty of room for more. Have you noticed that I keep avoiding making the actually fairy? I've started it a couple of times. Get an okay face done but then it goes wrong when I try to add hair. Can a fairy be bald?

Tuesday, June 23

SNL51: Fairies?!!? Oh no!

The theme for the July edition of SNL is going to be fairies and today the vote began on the colors and there seems to be a winner already so inspired by the color palette and the theme I've started working on a kit.
I don't make many fantasy layouts myself so I'm expecting to have troubles with the theme. The fairy wings and the stars overlay is just about as far as my imagination will stretch right now. It's probably a good thing I've started early on this one.

Monday, June 22

My two new best friends

I'd like you meet my two new best friends. They are called Burn Tool and Dodge Tool. I knew of their exsistence a month ago but I seldom used the burn tool and never the dodge tool. Now I can't imagine how I got by without using them. It's amazing how many details you can 'paint' on a plain flat color, like all the shadows and highlights on these flowers.
Oh and perhaps this is a good time to mention an old best friend, my Wacom Bamboo Fun pen. I almost gave up using it when I first got it, didn't really think I could control it but these days I've totally given up on a regular mouse and use the pen all the time. Another big help in these design attempts.

Friday, June 19

Bedtime inspiration

I stared at my computer screen all morning, trying to get something done but felt so unispired. I was seriously beginning to think that all creativity had left me. So I spend the afternoon and evening reading. On my way to bed I just wanted to check my emails and I'm not sure why but I suddenly had an idea and opened my Elements to continue the work on my sea kit. Remember this is a work in progress. I'm sure I can do so much more work on the bridge but right now I'm actually feeling quite happy about it.

And now I really should be going to bed. :)

Thursday, June 18

It's been a rewarding year

It is that time of the year again. Where we put on our best dresses (and bodies ;)) and go to the Scrappy Awards at DSP. I've been anxiously awaiting this event because for me it celebrates my first true anniversary as a scrapper. Sure I had done some before but it wasn't really until last year when I entered a layout just for the fun of it (although there was nothing fun about the layout) and actually won for Best Journaling.

It wasn't as much the winning part that excited me the most, as it were all the words of encouragements that followed. I had never experienced so many people actually care about what I was doing. Something I had really missed up until that point. Slowly I grew as a scrapper over the summer and much to my own surprise got a place at the world's best creative team, Digital Elite Team, after a tough competition in September.

I confess to crying tears of joy the day I got my first layout inducted to the Hall of Fame. And crying tears of pain after just finishing the layout that was so difficult for me to do. And that has pretty much been the theme of my scrapping this past year. From time to time I've felt strong enough to deal with some of those hard stories I need to get down on paper for future generations to understand my family's history. Stories are supposed to be told not just the good parts but also all those filled with bittersweet memories.

In many ways this has been a year full of life altering decessions and although I'm not proud of all them and I'm certain a few people have felt let down by me, I'm sure that at some point they will feel as the right ones because I do believe that I'm slowly moving towards something that I was meant to do whatever that may be.

So here we are a year later and it is time for the Scrappies once more. This year I'm nominated in four categories and I still feel as surprised as I did last year, not really believing that someone actually like what I make. This is not saying that scrapping is my life, I'm merely saying that scrapping has become a symbol of everything else going on in my life. So this anniversary is truely a milestone and I'm thankful for all the experiences I've had and people I've met this past year and of course I can't help but to think about where I'll be in life a year from now...

Monday, June 15

Another kit in the making...

Remember my post from the other day with the photos of the sky I thought would make some great overlays for papers?
Well I was right and I'm slowly working towards another complete kit. It doesn't even have a working title yet but I'm sure the theme of the kit is already pretty obvious.
As much as I like the way the cloudy papers look it is nothing compared to how I feel about the stones/rocks. I love how they turned out.
Bird brush by Obsidian Dawn

Sweet Moments

I'm almost ashamed to admit this but there are times where I'm almost jealous of the bond between my husband and my dog. They are without a doubt each others best friends and nothing or no one can get between them.

I took these photos one day after my husband had just gotten home from a long day at work and Buller clearly had a lot of things he needed to tell him. I guess it is only fair that they get some quality time alone after all I spend all day alone with Buller.

The Credits:
Gypsy Tale by Nicole Young
Gypsy Tale 2 by Nicole Young (BLOG FREEBIE!)
Maskee Set 2 Large Clipping Masks by Marcee Duggar Clustered Up word art by Tina Chambers
Along these Lines: Happy by Tina Chambers

Thursday, June 11

The Cutest

Isn't he just the cutest? You can almost tell he is concentrating really hard on the water. Some of our best hours are spend at the beach with our dog. Hopefully the summer will soon return so we can get out there again.
Products: My own stuff

Tuesday, June 9

Bath Time Blues Freebie

Oh wait what is this? Another kit freebie within the same week? That is so unlike me! *lol*

It has been raining all day long and I've been home alone so there was not much else for me to do then to finish this kit. I made the frame and blue paper a long time ago and then got stuck. Now that is done I want you guys to have it so it doesn't just gather dust on my harddrive.

Enjoy and I hate to ask this, but if you download please leave me a message. I so appreciate it.

Link expired

Getting better

I think I'm done with the SNL June kit but like always I need a few days to think about it. But today I wanted to show you this.
One thing is that I seem to have more fun designing, another is that I'm finally able to see myself that I'm improving. I realised it while I was finishing the last element for the kit. Not long ago I would have stopped after making the branch look like the left one, thinking it looked pretty good. Now with a bit more training it looks like the one to the right.
Sure it takes a lot longer but I'm slowly moving towards quality instead of quantity. Slowly, very slowly that is! And perhaps that's what is holding me back the most. I hate being slow at anything and would much rather not do it then. I really need to start focusing more on details. It took me forever to get that skill when it comes to scrapping, hopefully it'll show in my design soon as well.

Monday, June 8

How's the weather?

How's the weather?, originally uploaded by Almhoej.

I started taking some photos of the sky today thinking they could make some pretty good overlays for backgrounds but ended up using it as my photo of the day. I've never seen so many different clouds at one time in the sky. It was an incredible sight. It never really rained and although the sun wasn't too visible I can still feel the burn in my face after spending the afternoon outside.

Sunday, June 7

During these cold rainy days...

it's good to be able to look back at warmer days which were to my dog's delight spend at the beach. Hopefully he'll be able to go for a swim again soon.

Friday, June 5

Giggle Boy

For those of you unfamilar with Nicole Young's CAF-E challenge at DSP you really should check it out. Every week (sometimes two weeks) she has a featured kit and gives away a freebie on her blog that coordinates with the featured kit. If you use them you get a third product from her for free that coordinates with the two first. That's like buy one - get two for free. How awesome is that? And her products are always beautiful.

Giggleland Page Kit by Nicole Young & the coordinating blog freebie Giggleland 2

This week's featured kit is a kit I've used before. Her Giggleland is such a delightful little kit for those adorable Summer photos we all have. The above layout is made with both the kit and the blog freebie and the cute little boy is my friends' son Xander.

So hurry over to Nicole's blog and pick up the freebie, buy the kit at DSP and start creating!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Just one element to go...

I'm almost done with my kit contribution for this months SNL. I've learned so many new things while making this and although this is far from perfect I'm still quite satisfied with the way it is turning out. The theme this month is Butterfly Garden and the focus element is wood. I've definitely focused on wood in all kinds of ways. I'm not 100% satisfied with the bench but I think it is the best I can do with my skills at the moment.
Now I just got to figure out what the last element should be... Any suggestions?

Thursday, June 4

Peony in bloom

Peony in bloom, originally uploaded by Almhoej.

We had a few days with almost Summer like temperatures but after last weekend we were supposed to get non stop rain. I'm still waiting for the rain. We've had a few showers but not nearly enough considering we are still trying to get the lawn to grow after last winter's digging adventures in both front and backyard.
Hopefully soon we'll see a good combination of rain and sunshine so the garden will be in full bloom before we are having celebrating my husband's 30th birthday later this summer with a garden party.
But until then I can enjoy the sight of my beautiful peony in bloom reflecting the sunlight.

Wednesday, June 3

Timeless freebie

I updated the look of my blog today and inspired by the new color theme I made you a little something. No, it's not a quickpage again. This time I'm going to go and ahead and give you the kit. I hope you'll enjoy using this one and like always - a simple thank you is always greatly appreciated. It's what keeps me trying to design. Who knows one day I might even show up at some store.
Link expired

Extraordinary Me! Judge Me

I've been running a challenge for some months now at Digital Scrapbook Place called Extraordinary Me! It's focusing on the one person we tend to leave out of our scrapbooks, ourselves naturally. The EM! challenge focuses on our thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams and each month I give a prompt to work with.

The June edition is now up and is called Judge Me! and this month it is for the courageous scrappers because I’m asking you to find out what people’s first impression of you is.

You can find out much more about the challenge here and I hope to see a lot of fabulous layouts since I know the digi scrapping world is full of courageous scrappers.

Here's my own take on the challenge

Products: A look Through the Window Page Kit by Meryl Bartho & A look Through the Window Two Page Kit by Meryl Bartho