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Saturday, July 5

Wild & Free

"May your dreams grow wild and free" it says in the description of these 3 new products from Lynne-Marie and looking at them it's not just my dreams that grows wild and free, it is also my imagination. You know I love butterflies and although I first thought about doing an art journaling layout about the butterfly effect I have yet to do that.  Instead when we came home from a week spend at the beach last night, my head was still full of the beauty of the sea, the salty smell of the water and the feeling of sand underneath my feet. So obviously I had to do a beach layout. 
One photo in particular spoke to me as I was downloading a week's worth of beach photos. It's not a technical masterpiece but it certainly shows how infinite small we are compared to this gorgeous earth of ours. And that inspired this layout.
I used one of the brushes as a clipping mask. A technique which is great for not as perfect photos and just for creating that dreamy feeling. 
Lynne-Marie has made a freebie for you. A quickpage available at her Fanpage over at Facebook. Don't forget to download it but before you hurry over there, stay for a moment longer and get my freebie for you.

Lately I've started doing art postcards again. It feels great to once more stick to this smaller size. Perhaps it's because of the summer. Smaller projects are just easier to get around to do.
And this leads me to your freebie from me. It's not much. Just a word art but I hope you'll enjoy it nevertheless.
Download by clicking the image and than don't forget to pick up Lynne-Marie's freebie and buy her products at The Lilypad. (Do it this weekend and get it at a reduced price.) You can pick up the individual products here: Day Dream Papers | Day Dream Journal Cards | Day Dream Elements |

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