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Friday, July 11

Designing again ... Sort of!

I have really looked forward to share these new products with you this Friday because this week it is not 'just' a Lynne-Marie product. It's a Lynne-Marie & Jeanet product. Yay! (Okay I know you can't see me doing the happy dance so you are just going to have to take my word for it). 
I got a PM from LM last week after sharing the art postcards I did with last week's release, simply stating 'I want one of those!'. So one of those turned into a few and soon I had twelve cards. I enjoyed this process just as much as when I usually art journal but I might have enjoyed it just a tad more because I knew they would end up at the Lilypad store. 

I've been back and forward on the whole designing thing for the past couple of months. I have seriously considered giving it another go and see if I can sell even just a little. I'm still pretty much undecided but I think the products this week certainly pushed me a bit in the direction of a yes. I had forgotten how much fun it is to introduce a new product and hear peoples reaction.   
Now I can't give you a freebie sample of the cards since I'm using a lot of different of Lynne-Marie's products but I did make a metallic base card that I used for the 'Going Places' cards and I'd love to share them with you. Nothing special but perhaps someone can find a use for them. I used one of them as a journaling card on the layout above.
Download the freebie by clicking on the image and than hurry along to the Lilypad to pick up the two sets of ATC's ready to be added to your layout.


  1. Fantastic pages Jeanet, and I love the journaling!

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  2. I love the airiness and very artsy feel of your pages. Blessings!

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