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Wednesday, July 9

A deep breath

Take a deep breath and just let go... That's what we did last week. We packed the car and drove west for what was supposed to be a week of sunshine and walks at the beach.
But the weather wasn't really on our side and we were only able to eat dinner outside twice. We knew before going that it would still be so early in the season that the weather might be bad but hey it's Denmark. There's always a chance of rain. So we enjoyed the sun while we could. Drinking wine when the sun was out and cup after cup of coffee and hot chocolate when it was cold. In other words - more hot beverages than wine for us that week.
Midweek a couple of friends came to visit. By chance they were also on vacation in Jutland. They were lucky. The weather was gorgeous that day and we went to the beach which both their son Xander and Buller loved.
Now anyone who has visited by the North Sea knows it is not a place to go swimming unless you are a very strong swimmer. But both of the boys enjoyed simply walking along the beach. The shore along the North Sea is mile after mile of dunes. It's a breathtaking sight but honestly just getting down over the dunes to the actual beach and than cross the wide sandy beach is enough to make anyone tired. Add in the strong Northern wind and it's a real challenge so we didn't get many trips down there.
We had two days in a row with really bad weather and a bit tired of not being able to do anything but sit on an uncomfortable sofa and watch TV we decided to head home a day early. The weather was just as bad when we got up in the morning but after we had finished cleaning the house the sun had come out and we decided on one last trip out to the old lighthouse before starting out on the long drive home. 

It is such a beautiful area but quite honestly it was a bit too remote for us. So we probably won't hurry back there. Or at least not until we've both learned to relax and just do nothing. Being busy in our daily life it we both struggle to just let go. Maybe some day we'll figure it out.

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