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Monday, December 2

Plans for December

So I never got around to do the promised update yesterday but you know me. When it comes to blogging it'll happen when it happens. But the truth is that yesterday I hadn't entirely made up my mind yet what my focus would be for my December Daily album that I had talked about. 100% Christmas - or more a tale of my first month as unemployed. My layouts decided for me because as I was making these the latter option filled more than the first.

So let's talk about that for a moment. Why am I suddenly unemployed? I am unemployed because after I changed job six months ago most days has been a battle between what I was used to, what I wanted and what the new place had to offer me. I tried to change. I tried change things there but in the end we were not a perfect match and it was killing me slowly to constantly go against all the things I believed were right. So in late October I decided to hand in my notice.

Karen Blixen Christmas by Rosendahl
So what will happen next you ask? I honestly don't know. Will I find a job soon? I sincerely hope so but with this economy it's hard to say. I have my first meeting with the job center this Friday so hopefully that will help clear my mind. What I do know is that despite our differences I will miss my colleagues. I hated being their boss - but I've appreciated their company and much to my surprise they've been kind of bummed out that I chose to leave. So much that this Saturday at the last day of work I got this beautiful Christmas ornament. I know I'll think of them every year when I put it on my tree. Of course it'll also remind me of a job that I feel like I failed at - but hey let's keep this just a tad bit positive.

And speaking of positive. At least if you ever were to spend a month unemployed December is a great one. I am so looking forward to a peaceful Christmas where I don't feel like crashing into bed at 8PM on Christmas eve because I've been running around in what is a very stressful time of the year to work in retail. And I'll have more time for the blog - and the things that are stored on the shelf of 'things-I-wish-there-was-time-for'. 

I've got a huge (well maybe not huge, but at least big) scrapbooking freebie for you. I still need to finish it off so you have to wait for it. I've got a tutorial for you for some easy Christmas crafts inspired by our first Christmas as homeowners. I plan to make my camera my best friend this December - so there might be something to share there as well. 

So there you have it. My plans this December is to relax, take lots of photos and find a new job. Sounds just about easy enough right? Oh and obviously my plans also include making lots of layouts. As I mentioned I've got a guest CT spot this month and now I can finally reveal that is the very talented Peppermint of One Little Bird designs I'll be CT'ing for. That should be fun - but more of that some other time. 

Happy December


  1. Gorgeous photos!! Wishing you a peaceful season and a new year filled with changes for the better:)

  2. I just came here from the Holiday Storytellers' Facebook group. You have a great blog, I must come back later this week and browse more. Your first December pages look awesome. Clean and lovely! Love the background and the few embellishments.
    Wow to your decision to leave your job behind. Sounds like the right thing to do but oh so difficult nowadays. I hope everything will work out for you.

  3. I came here from the Storyteller's FB group too. This is a wonderful start. I'll pray for your employment situation, but it sounds like you have things well in control. Good luck and God Bless.

  4. Enjoy your time off around the festive season and think about work in 2014. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  5. Enjoy taking the time to discover what you want, and find a place to be happy - in your work and your creative space. Your December Daily looks lovely. I came here from your link on Ali Edwards post.

  6. So great to bump into you through December Daily, Jeanet! Love your layouts and look forward to seeing more! You are one talented lady in many ways - don't let the changes smother your joy. :)