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Wednesday, August 28

Christmas Trends 2013


It’s that time of the year again. It’s the end of the Summer and the first thoughts about Christmas start buzzing around in my head. What to do, what to see, what to give, how to decorate? When I was designing I could almost justify googling Christmas trends in August in an attempt to be prepared but these days I don’t really have that excuse. I work at a store so for me there’s exactly seven weeks until we start seeing the Christmas items arriving on the shelves. Of course working at a store also means that once we actually get to December I’m momentarily fed up with Christmas. Not for long, it is Christmas after all.

Recent years Christmas has looked pretty much the same at our house. A lot of white, blue and plenty of glitter and I doubt that it will be much different this year. My favorite part is definitely getting the tree into the house. The smell of pine and resin fills our small dinning room and makes it smell like we’ve brought nature inside which I suppose we have. The decorating which I always do alone and finally just turning off all the light and look at it with all its lights and sparkling ornaments. It’s not until that moment it is truly Christmas.

I love every single thing on our tree, including the dozens of hand folded white paper stars which have begun to look a bit old but still reminds us of the countless hours we spend the first Christmas making them to make up for the lack of Christmas ornaments. So yes I really doubt we’ll change a thing. Apart from maybe the star on top of the tree. It’s nothing fancy. The glitter has started to fall off and then of course I spotted this in Selfridges 2013 Christmas collection.

Hello beautiful! I need you more than a junkie needs his next fix.

Selfridges is the first of the 2013 Christmas collections I’ve seen so far this year so if their collection is anything like the rest will be the trends this year will be

untitled shoot-6698

Metallics – In my opinion metallics should always be a part of a Christmas collection – nothing looks better with Christmas lights and green trees.

Copper and rose gold – A nice change to the usual gold which will never find a place in my home.

Neon – It’s been everywhere in the fashion world this year. I should’ve known it would still be around for Christmas. I’m not sure I’m a fan but this is pretty fantastic.

Dip dyed – Try and find a DIY blog from 2013 without a dip dye entry. I dare you. I’m betting we’ll be seeing a lot of tutorials this Christmas to make something like this one.

So what do you think? Is this how Christmas is going to look like this year? Dip dyed neon on metallic copper things? Okay after writing that last sentence I’m so happy I won’t be trying to make a Christmas kit this year. What a mess it would end up being.

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