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Sunday, June 23






These past two weeks we’ve had rain and when we finally thought it might be getting better, it decided to rain a bit more. It’s been horrible.

So once more any Summer Solstice celebrations are cancelled. It is very hard to love Denmark when the weather is so bad.

I am however on my way to celebrate my FIL’s birthday so I’m going to keep the credits short today. I’ve used products by Robyn Gough and a collaboration from Scrap Orchard.

Have a great hopefully dry Sunday!


  1. Same old misery here too! But I love your card!

  2. Wishing you better weather soon- a beautiful postcard!


    Foxglove Hollow

  3. Oh, I understand completely! While the summer solstice was actually sunny for us the last couple of days have been grey and rainy. That's Seattle, WA weather for you, though. Fingers crossed that we both get some sunnier skies soon.

  4. In France the weather is the same !!!!! cold and wet !!!
    Your postcard is very funny .. and beautiful

  5. It's much like ALL year in Southeast Alaska! A brilliant take on the this week's theme. And even your umbrella is summer sun-like! :)