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Wednesday, June 12

Colors of my world

Each Sunday Nicole Young puts up a new set of photo prompts at theCreativePixel and you know how I am with these challenges. I fail miserably each and every time. But this week all of the prompts were colors and with the sun shinning so beautifully this past Sunday I grabbed my camera, husband and dog and went to a nearby park for a little photo walk. I figured with so many flowers at the moment it would be easy to track down all of the colors. It was – and it wasn’t. As you can see below I only managed to get 6 out of 7. Some of them are pretty obvious, others a bit more subtle.


Obviously we were on the look out for colors…


But also for great textures like this old tree


The color here was much more evident in reality but the photo don’t show it. I still think it looks great with the water beneath the branches.


Admittedly you have to look really close on this one and it’s not even a great shot but being allergic I was a bit hesitant to stand too close for much longer.


More old trees where the moss was slowly covering the whole thing.


I knew the saffron would be easy to find thanks to this building and it was a welcome site for all of us as we were getting to the exit of the park, warm and thirsty. Much like always the only one we had remembered to bring water for was the dog. Oh well, he is sort of important to us.

This will not be the last time we go on a photo walk with a weeks worth of prompts. We’ve been to this park so many times before but saw it in a completely new light thanks to the prompts.

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  1. Hi Jeanet,
    I love these pictures, you did capture them all. That saffron building really pops out.
    I hope you are doing well, have a nice sunday.