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Sunday, April 21

White Space Extravaganza


Since the beginning of my scrapbooking days I’ve been more or less loyal to keeping my layouts 8x8 inches. I had a short love affair with the 8x10 but since I couldn’t find anywhere to have them printed the fling remained short and sweet.

However after I found the Sunday Postcard Challenge blog I’ve felt myself moving further and further away from the traditional 8x8. Preparing my postcards for the blog I came to like the way a smaller size with a plain white background looked. Somehow it made the art itself stand out more.

I’ve been a fan of white space layouts in scrapbooking for a long time and this might just be seen as white space extravaganza. It might seem like I’m setting smaller boundaries for myself by choosing a smaller canvas but I feel my imagination and creativity has hungered for this change.

It seems I've been focusing a lot on the classics lately. Pride & Prejudice above, Les Miserable (for those of you who have seen the movie you’ll probably get the hint of it). I’ve been rereading my Robert Frost & William Blake, seeking inspiration from long lost friends. I’m still dedicated to memory keeping but this, these pieces, are what feeds my urge to create these days. To finish where I started with a bit of Pride & Prejudice here’s my card for the Sunday Postcard Art challenge, rewriting one of the most known first sentences of a book in the world. The prompt this week was to use tape.



All products used for these creations were either made by Marcee Duggar or myself. Find more of Marcee’s designs at the Creative Pixel.


  1. these are wonderful, jeanet, i totally love the third one!

  2. Your artwork is so beautiful, I totally adore these pieces. My favourite is the second one, I think. I can see that you´ve had fun with this challenge, thanks for playing!

  3. So beautiful artwork here.

    Have a lovely Sunday

  4. Stunning postcards, Jeanet, you have amazing art on your blog, interesting reading, too!

  5. oh i love this. so glad you are enjoying making 6 x 4 art!

  6. very interesting artwork - bravo