Wednesday, April 24

The Magic of Brushes



Using brushes is a fairly new thing in the creative process for me. It wasn’t until I started designing that I really used brushes the way they were intended. I was pretty much a scrapper. These days the original kit isn’t always recognizable. Brushes are a powerful tool if you want to take the creative control. Often it is so easy to leave most of the creative process to the digital scrapbooking designers while we focus mainly on photos and story. For the memory keeper photos and story are the essential parts but for the artist the creative process is just as important and I do believe that if not all than almost all scrapbookers are artists.

I won’t get into the details about installing and how to use brushes. If you need a bit of help on that part I highly recommend visiting The Campus at DSP where you’ll find tutorials on just about everything, including using brushes. I will however share a couple of my more recent layouts with you to show how using brushes can totally transform a layout and make it your own. First let’s look at the the layout before brushes – well apart from the brushes I used to paint my modern day angel. Angels1

Nothing wrong with that. Simple. Effective, but the process didn’t feed my creativity the way I wanted when I started out by writing the text. I didn’t think that layout truly showed what was going through my head which at the time was a wonderful mix of love and hope.

So let’s look at the layout after a bit (or a lot) of working with different brushes. Although the angel seem to fade a bit more I do feel that she stands out more and the feeling of eternity that I wrote about suddenly becomes something you don’t just read about it, you can see it as well.


Working with digital brushes is for me probably more forefilling than working with real brushes. I can change brushes all the time, combine them, change color in an instant, blend them, use them as erasers and don’t forget the most important part. If it doesn’t look right, ctrl+z is your best friend.

The store at the Creative Pixel is still in the process of being filled up with all sort of goodies but Marcee Duggar has already added a bunch so if you want to get your hands on some of the same brushes that I’ve used for these layouts, here’s a little shopping inspiration:


I hope this post has given you the desire to try it out yourself. Take creative control of your layouts and let your creativity unfold. To get you started in the magic world of brushes I’ve made a couple for you to download as a freebie. I used these brushes and others for the first layout.


Click here for the download