Saturday, April 20

Imperfection Rules!

When Marcee Duggar asked me if I wanted to do some layouts for her new store, she didn’t have to ask me twice (well actually she did because someone else was tempting me with an entirely different adventure at the time) In almost all of my previous art journaling layouts you’ll find traces of Marcee’s products. What I really like about them is how imperfect they all are. Yes, I did just write that her products are imperfect. Perfect scrapping supplies makes me want to make perfect layouts with outstanding photos and beautifully composed. Everything needs to be just right and while I like this process for certain things it just doesn’t work for my art journaling. For me art journaling is very much like the doodling I did in my calendar back in high school;


Imperfect. Random. A visual memory of that exact moment it was created.


Looking back through my calendars I see which days I was bored, sad, excited. I see events jotted down but I also see my feelings written all over the pages thanks to my doodling. Sometimes it would be colorful lines perfectly lined up across the page, other times it would be a black blob of ink concealing some odd feeling that I most likely would rather have been without.

Of course the doodling part has become a bit more, well, organized now. I’m no longer using pen and paper but rather pen and computer. No matter how messy the pages might end up I love my ctrl+z too much to give in and do it the old-fashioned way.

My choice of weapon if you will these days is a combination of ArtRage and Photoshop Elements 5.0. Yes I do realize that there are many newer versions of PSE but even after trying out those and the full Photoshop I still come back to my old 5.0 for scrapping. We are like old friends. We don’t need to tell each other what we want – we just do it. My approach to it might have changed a bit since High School but the outcome remains the same. A reminder of who I truly was at any given moment.

Years, well even months, from now I’ll look at these 3 layouts and remember just how messed up my head was at this point of my life. I had been in the same job for ten years. It was a good, stable job, where I knew my tasks and was pretty good at it too. It was easy to blend in and live a simple life. But sometimes simple is … not enough. So when the opportunity came for a career change I surprised everyone including myself by accepting the challenge. I do believe a few people were more than just surprised and had already deemed me to have this job forever. Quite honestly I was, I am, scared to take on this challenge, knowing it will a huge challenge, but I have to have a little faith in myself and who I am.


So what seems like random layouts showing off fantastic art journaling products are actually more than that. It shows the process. It shows my process towards a new goal and I do think it was time for a new goal.

If you want to see the new store where you’ll find the familiar designers Kim Liddiard, Nicole Young, Robyn Gough and of course Marcee Duggar. Head on over to the Creative Pixel. I might just already be a fan.

In the last layout I’ve used one of my own backgrounds which you can grab here if you want to start creating something yourself. Go ahead and use it for something beautiful. I’d love to see what you can think off – so come back and link your creation in the comments. Folder

Download right here!

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