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Monday, April 22

Hard to resist

Let’s take a break from art journaling although I seem to have a bit more passionate about it these past few days than normal. Because despite all there’s one thing, or I should say one person, I’m more passionate about. My wonderful husband, Flemming, who celebrates his 34th birthday today.


34 years where I have been blessed to have known him for the past [insert long thinking pause here] 12 years. Wow just think of that. Almost a third of this wonderful man’s life he has chosen to spend his life with me. How lucky can a girl be? I mentioned PSE 5.0 and I being old friends the other day. Well it is pretty much the same with Flemming and I. In those 12 years we have grown up together. Just yesterday as I was making coffee for our birthday guests I got this strange sense of how grown up an action this suddenly felt. We are no longer those two kids that shared that awkward first kiss out on the balcony of my first apartment.

For better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, we’ve seen it all, and only grown stronger. Whatever crazy adventure I’ve wanted to take, he’s been there, with his whole being, giving me the stability I’ve needed. Said no when it was too far off. Encouraged me when I needed that small extra push.

I still don’t quite understand his job, my mind still take long strolls whenever he starts on a long tale of something work related. Just like he doesn’t understand my art, but we both know that it is important to the other and therefore accept it. But I do know that he’s good at what he does and although he’ll probably never admit it, I think he likes it as well. He’s the type of guy that likes to feel needed and I do need him in my life, just like many others I know would feel they were missing something had they never met him.

So today on his day, we are going to spend on the sofa, watching The Hobbit, relaxing and not think about all the things we could (should) be doing. He’s probably decided this because he knew that’s what I wanted, what I needed. Yep, he’s pretty hard to resist. Happy birthday honey.

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  1. Tillykke til den søde Flemming :) Du ser ikke ældre ud end dengang jeg lærte dig at kende (og det gør fruen nu heller ikke)