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Friday, April 19

Attempting Project Life

Some weeks back I won the Project Life core kit from a draw at Becky Higgins blog. Like many other busy scrap bookers I have been tempted to use her products. It all seemed so easy and totally doable. Over the years I’ve tried 365 photo projects, earlier this year I also gave Lauren Bavin’s Simple Life a try but found that I was overthinking the process so I never got around to actual buy any of Becky’s products. At the time I thought they were a bit overpriced and if it were another failed project than why bother, right?

But winning them was an entirely different matter. The first couple of weeks I did a few layouts and then moved them to the trash bin again. I couldn’t get it to work. The templates weren’t doing it for me. The round corners looked off in my very strict world. And the blend of colors and various photo editing made it look like one big mess. Then came the question. To embellish or not! What at first seemed so simple turned out to be anything but simple.

I was ready to give up but on a boring afternoon I decided to give it one last try. I made my own templates. I converted my photos to black & white which admittedly will make some memories fade such as the gorgeous blue sky on a recent trip to the beach but when it comes to photography black & white will always be my first love. A simple conversion can make any photo look like a million bucks in my opinion. Putting the pages together I finally saw something I liked. Something I knew I would also like years from now.


Doing Project Life is so much different than my other layouts. While the messy look works for art journaling for my memory keeping it just didn’t work. Any journaling would often be left out because it didn’t work for me aesthetically. Silly I know! Although I’m at times are all over the place I actually like this. A certain place to add a photo and a place which journaling are meant to be. Any creative decisions are taken for me and I can focus on what matters the most.


(And yes there is a photo missing in the above spread. The photo the finished project but hey, I’ll just add it when I get a photo)
So this is two weeks done and already I’m feeling slightly panicky because it is now Friday and I haven’t taken a single photo this week. So what on earth will I have to put on the layout I’m supposed to do this week? I really need to start bringing my camera and not be afraid to take photos. Often I feel like I’m trespassing when I start to take photos. But without the photos how will we truly remember years from now?

I’m using the Clementine edition and of course I had to add a bit myself. In week 15 it is a simple card with an arrow which I’ll gladly share with you if there are any of you doing Project Life. It is not much but it did the job for me. Simply click the image below and it’ll open in a new window for you to right click and save the 1200x900 pixel version.


And in case any of you are wondering what it says on my card I’ve written

‘All that is left is 1 week + 4 shifts = 1000 tears’

Which would mean that today is going to be my last day at my current work. After more than ten years working at the same place I’ve got a new job which I’ll start right after some much deserved vacation. So a new job and a couple of other new excited projects. Yep I’m feeling a little lightheaded already. More on that another time. Hopefully I’ll be back next week with a new Project Life layout. Remember it is me after all, Mrs. Inconsistency!

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  1. Beautiful! I love the black and white photos with the colorful journaling and filler cards.