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Saturday, March 2

Five from One

These days it seems that I need a good challenge to get me scrapping. All this ‘Preserving my memories for the future’ isn’t really doing it for me at the moment. Perhaps it’s because my life at the moment is very much about right here and now – and not what will happen down the line. I didn’t do a single regular layout since February 1st which I didn’t realized until I was uploading at DSP earlier this morning and the last folder I had uploaded from was called January. Whatever happened to the multiple layouts a day girl?

When I first Julia’s challenge I was almost certain that I didn’t even wanted to make an attempt on doing it. Too much trouble, too demanding, too much in general. But a part of me couldn’t back down on a challenge especially one I knew would take every inch of creativity to complete.

The challenge is as Julia writes…

Your mission
(should you choose to accept it)
Create 5 different layouts in the following styles from the same Value Collection.
1. Graphic style layout
2. Paper style layout
3. A no photo or art journal style layout
4. A multi-photo layout
5. A card
The products.
There are two Value Collections to choose from. They are very different in style. The first, Watercolor Spring VC, is soft and graphic looking whilst the Awakening VC is a high contrast, bold, paper style. Pick whichever you prefer but be warned that both will be equally challenging.

The Awakening VC has been a favorite of mine since Lauren Bavin added it to the store back in 2010. So easy to scrap with for a multitude of paper scrap styled layouts – but for a graphic style or even worse an art journaling layout. I already felt in over my head.

But this is what came out of 3 hours of almost concentrated work.


#1 Graphic style


#2 Paper style


#3 Art Journaling


#4 Multiple photos


#5 Card

I feel exhausted now – and in a strange creative overdrive. I’m almost considering doing the challenge again with the other kit, Watercolor Spring VC, which will be great for the art journaling and graphic – but extremely difficult for the paper style. I’m so glad I didn’t turn down this challenge. If you want to try it out for yourself then jump on over to Digital Scrapbook Place and scrap along with me.

Julia & Lauren – thanks for the inspiration.

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