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Friday, March 1



So it seems to be working out with doing the Sunday Art Postcard challenges – so I figured – why not try my hands with another challenge. So this year I’ll be trying to do the 30 Days of Lists. I like the list idea – quick journaling and all. I was certain that the prompts would instantly inspire me, thinking I would put a time limit on how long I would use to make the actual list. Oh how despairingly naïve of me. Since when have I been able to make a snap decision and stick to it? I’m likely going to be distracted by another shinning fancy scrapbooking challenge before the month is over… which reminds me did you see the changes they’ve made over at Digital Scrapbook Place to the DET contest? Let me be honest… I’m tempted – very tempted. The actual contest was always so much fun – and incredible nerve-wracking not knowing if I would make it through to another week. I still remember how much time I poured into making my very first contest layout back in 2008. I was certain I wouldn’t make it through that round.

But back to the real reason for my post today. The first of my 30 lists. The prompt was simple and yet surprisingly difficult.

I’m a lister because…


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