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Sunday, February 24

Please dearest Spring…



… Please come back to me sometime soon, the coldness of the winter is killing me slowly.

The SPA theme this week is silhouettes which I also used last week only this time I was going for something a bit more happy. Although missing Spring is definitely not a happy moment. When I got up this morning I was happy to see that I could almost see all the grass in the back garden again, only to be saddened a few hours later when it once more started to snow.

Anyone following me on Pinterest would know I’m just about ready to spend hour after hour again in my garden. Well that and gathering inspiration to our sunroom which is to be the focus of our DIY efforts this year.

Oh please dear, dear Spring – I’m longing for your arrival!

As always I’ve been using products from Digital Scrapbook Place and even managed to use my own products for a bit this time which are still available although I’m no longer an active designer.



  1. Beautiful,
    I love the soft culours!

  2. This is stunning simply gorgeous and the words are so beautiful...BRAVO!

  3. Love the colour of the silhouette - the kind you expect to be black. A truly lovely postcard, Jeanet!

  4. Wow! This is an ethereal piece of heaven! Great artwork!

  5. Gorgeous soft shades, Jeanet, love your take on the theme!
    Soon be Spring!!