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Wednesday, February 6

Midweek Check-in


Last year I got this idea about making an art journaling layout daily – you a daily check in on my day. I just never got around to do it. At the end of the end it seemed like too much ‘work’ although I love doing it. Well with the find of the website I talked about this Sunday the idea came back to me only this time in a much smaller version. Still daily – still a reflection on the day but in a much smaller size and therefore a lot less demanding. I’ve been doing them this week and honestly I’m loving it so far.

New opportunities has arrived in my life and has demanded me to make quick decisions – something I’m not a fan of. So sitting down every evening and clearing my mind has made it easier, more simple and perhaps a little less scary.

I wish I could say that I (like I normally always do) have kept track of every piece I’ve used. But this time I’ve really just let my mind wander – into a million different folders it seems. So all credit I can give is to the brilliant designers at Digital Scrapbook Place, especially Lauren Bavin, Nicole Young & Marcee Duggar. They make my creative efforts so much easier – and prettier.

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