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Sunday, February 17

Key to my heart



Luckily the Sunday Postcard Art challenge came around this Sunday with something that made me pick out the brighter colors of the color scheme. I needed it after a week that felt more dark than lighthearted.

I won’t get into details, let’s just say that someone threatened to take their life this week – and someone else actually did it. Death is so difficult to understand. Death by suicide is nearly impossible to understand. Although this wasn’t a person near to me, a long and hard week made me break down and cry over this person that obviously had felt that life had nothing more to bring him.

Tungsind would be the Danish word for how I’ve felt this week and I’ve just checked Google translate which claims the correct English word for it would be Gloom but somehow I don’t feel that quite covers how I’ve been.




At least now at the end of the week I’m finally feeling ready to crawl out of my shell again and face the world – along with the man that holds the key to my heart.

The key to my heart is this weeks challenge and like I said it made me think of bright colors and happy days. Years ago I thought I had thrown away the key to my heart and didn’t really expect it ever to be found. Luckily it did and 12 years later I still feel blessed that someone took the time to find it and show me what true love is.

As always I have to give credit to the brilliant designers at Digital Scrapbook Place, especially Lauren Bavin, Nicole Young & Marcee Duggar for making digital products that gives my creativity wings and let it fly in directions I would never have thought of otherwise.



  1. Very beautiful, love the structure and your choise of colours.

  2. wow, a gorgeous postcard, love every detail

  3. A most beautiful and meaningful postcard. I am so sorry that there was a very dark side to your week. The sepia picture says it all. Tragic.

  4. This is very impressive!
    Stunning work!

  5. These are both beautiful and powerful statements. It's always better to have someone to share your sorrows as well as your joys.

  6. Your SPA card is stunning. Glad you are coming out of the 'tungsind'. A friend committed suicide a couple of years ago and none of us saw it coming - I still can't comprehend.

  7. Absolutely stunning work on this it is a gorgeous postcard just exquisite!

  8. An amazing card - and am glad that art could help you through what sounds to be a difficult week this week. Hugs!

  9. These are powerful, beautiful and magical. I'm sorry for your loss, like is hard, at times.

  10. Incredible beauty in your card! Well done!

  11. Thank you for this outstanding, beautiful card. I love the bird, the leaves, the background and the happy message.

  12. Wow so schööööööööööön ich bin ganz hin und weg von deiner tollen Arbeit.
    Ich finde den Titel mega schön und du hast alles wundervoll toll

    LG Irene CH