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Thursday, September 13

Okay I confess. When I said I wanted to start scrapping again – I was a bit worried. It had been so long that I somehow expected it to have become difficult to find my old style. I never got many layouts done with my own kits because my scrapping style and designing style were so far apart (Go figure)



But inspired by Family History month at DSP it came back to me easier than I could have hoped. Sitting in front of the computer has definitely been much more fun than the past six months.

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However the inspiration didn’t come strictly from the Family History challenges, it also came with an unexpected opportunity for me to still somehow be a part of the DSP family with a request from the head designer, Lauren Bavin. Lauren needed someone to take care of all the small things a designer is supposed to do along side with being creative. Small things I never found the energy to do myself because I was struggling with the creativity. So the way I see it, it’s a win-win situation. Lauren gets to focus more on designing which she’s brilliant at and I failed at and I get to work on a few projects with her. The added bonus is I also get to scrap with her kits. She probably thinks of it as payment for whatever else I get to help her with but I would probably have done it anyway – and bought her kits on top of that but please don’t tell her.

So embrace yourself – I’ll be sharing a lot more about Lauren Bavin designs on this blog from now on. Alongside with a few other things but more on that some other time.


Mocha Mint by Lauren Bavin | Sweet Earth by Lauren Bavin | High Seas Value Collection by Lauren Bavin | Sprayed Stencil Masks Quick Bits by Lauren Bavin | Faded Blossom by Lauren Bavin | Stitched With Love - Slightly Untidy by Meryl Bartho | Mocha Cream by Lauren Bavin | Bewitching Blues by Lauren Bavin | Lauren's Leaves Set 1 by Lauren Bavin | Rolled Corners Quick Bits by Lauren Bavin |

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