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Sunday, September 2

HeritageHeritage scrapping was my first love and the reason I started scrapping in the first place. At DSP we’ve just finished what I hope will only be the first month of focusing on family history. It was an exciting month with lots of challenges and a crazy amount of layouts done in such a short while. It was amazing to witness so many embracing their heritage and sharing their stories.

Although we live all over the world a lot of the stories have similarities. It is stories about people overcoming whatever life has to offer them and make the best out of any situation. It is very inspiring. Although the month is now over there are still a lot of information to find at the site on how to get started researching your family and making this into pretty scrapbooks.

So here are a few of the highlights from the month.

Elisabeth gives the answers to why you should scrapbook your genealogy. I know from first hand that a simple website with names and dates isn’t the best way to share the stories. A few generations back and it is overwhelming for everyone else to look through the data. She also gives a few tips on how you can organize your scrapbook and make it look good.

Lynnie gave a few pointers on how you get started with journaling about your ancestors and make them come to life. Carole came up with this awesome tutorial on how to restore your old photos. Trust me, the result she ends up with is unbelievable. Fran compiled this collection of great links to get you started with your research and finally Fiona encouraged everyone to start preserving our present for our future generations. There is a lot of information to find at the DSP website – so if you are interested in sharing your family’s history, the forum is a great place to get started. Stories aren’t worth anything until they are shared.

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