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Saturday, September 1

QuestionWHEREGood question. I’m so glad you asked. I’ve been right here, staring at an empty computer screen, willing my creativity to return. But it seems that creativity is a stubborn old thing – no matter how hard I pushed it refused to come back. I started a hundred new products – and I deleted a hundred new products. It felt like no matter what I did, it wasn’t meeting my own quality control. Designing turned into being a royal pain in the… well you know what. I wasn’t having fun any longer and I kept hitting my self in the head thinking I was being stupid. Because wasn’t this a dream coming true? Wasn’t this what I wanted more than anything else?

It had begun going downhill around the time of the last DET contest and when signup started for the current DET contest and people were reluctant to sign up (Seriously?) I found myself sitting here shaking my head in wonder. I took a decision every bit as important as the day I sent the application to DSP. I needed to go back and embrace my first love. Scrapbooking!

I used to be awe of the endless creativity I saw in the DSP designers products. They amazed me but let me tell you; after being on the other side of the fence, words cannot describe how much I utterly admire and respect them. They are brilliant. And guess what…brilliantSo the decision was to give up my designer dreams and go back and be plain old me. I am sure that I’ve made the right call on this one. I have no regrets. I will however dearly miss being a part of the team. I think it’s probably the control freak in me. I liked knowing what was going to happen on the site before most people. It made me feel kind of important. But I don’t want to be important. I just wanna have fun.

It seems that my life has been on a hold while I was trying to figure out what to do with it. I finally figured out that living is so much more fun than planning. But I am a planner, always have, always will. So once the ‘dust had settled on my decision’ I started thinking ahead of what I wanted to do now I’m not going to fight the guilt feeling all the timeStuffToDo








I’ve realized that I need to make the time for all of these things. Some more than others. But it is what feels right at this moment. So what does this mean for this blog? Absolutely nothing! It’ll still be about scrapbooking and a little bit about everything else. I’m thinking that I might even find the inspiration to do an occasional tutorial, possibly even a freebie every now and then.

Right now I just need to learn how to scrap again. It’s been a while. I need to get back and be active and look at all the memories that are shared daily at the world’s best digital scrapbooking site (I’m sorry, that’s not up for discussion – DSP Rocks). For those of you that might feel sorry I’m leaving – no worries. My old products will still be available at DSP for some time.

But before I do that let me just say one last thing….patience

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  1. Oh no! I hadn't visited your blog in FOREVER and this is what I found. I understand your reasoning but I can't say you failed because your designs were BRILLIANT. I always thought it was because you were a scrapper yourself your products just kind of made pages all by themselves! I really enjoyed being your DED one month! and now am just even more glad I did. YOur inspire me as a scrapper too so I am glad I will still get to see your layouts.