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Tuesday, March 6

So I finished the judging on round one of the DET contest today and as always it wasn’t anywhere near to being an easy task. I remember clearly the first time I entered the DET contest. I felt like I spend forever on that first layout and after I had uploaded it and saw what everyone else were creating I was sure I wouldn’t make it. I thought it couldn’t get any worse but that was only until the second time I entered the contest. I was just as unsure about my layout as the first contest but this time I also felt the pressure of being a DET alumna. What if I didn’t even make it past that first round after having being on the team once before? I would have died if that had happened. So in my attempt to create something brilliant for that second contest I spend hours tweaking. I would get up from my chair, take a few steps back and look very intensely at the screen just to sit back down and move an element two pixels. I did this for a very long time and yet I ended up with something almost identically to what I had created within the first hour.

I don’t miss those days. Not one bit. After my second contest I wasn’t sure I would ever do it again. It had totally drained me from all energy. Sure there’s the excitement of moving on but the horrible feeling of not knowing what would happen next was killing me. So ladies, I know what you are going through these days.

I felt really inspired today after having gone through the contest gallery so of course I had to create one for myself.

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What do you think? Could there have been a spot for me on the next Digital Elite Team? Don’t forget to check out the contest gallery and leave them some love.



  1. LOL Jeanet. I know exactly what you are talking about, since I went through the same thing 3 times :) Love what you have done with this layout here. It's cool, bold, striking, balanced.

  2. Hi Jeanet! I read your post and felt you have written down my own thoughts. It's exactly like you describe it. It has gotten me to a point where I even stopped scrapping all together. I just couldn't do it anymore. Not in the context of the DSP that is. That sometimes still hurts, 'cuase it has given me so much, got my creative energy going in a time where that was much needed.
    That creative energy is still going, forunately, it's just flowing in a different direction. Making creations of photographs and making pen drawing.
    I occasionally still go and take a peak at the DSP gallery. The wonderful artwork is beautiful like ever, inspiring me, that has not changed a bit. I guess I look at it as being on a 'sabbatical', that scrapping feeling may come back, when I learn to let go of the 'musts' and 'pressure' a bit more.

    I love this layout you posted here and it would in my opinion for sure give you a spot on that DET team!
    XO Maureen

  3. I'm actually feeling a little cold to the contest this time around, maybe because I've been in it so many times without making it into the DET yet. I'm not feeling anxious this time because I didn't enter thinking about winning, but rather just thinking about scrapping. Still, it's only round 1. Let's see how I feel come round 3 ;D.

    I LOVE your page, by the way.

  4. I love that page Jeanet, great use of the kit, and a really fun and different type of page, just the kind you excel in!
    I am sure you would get a spot if you wanted to :D