Monday, February 6


When I first started out scrapping it was with a desire to get to know my heritage better. Soon I found myself distracted by fancy fonts, overlays and doodles instead of my original desire. It took a few years of distraction before I got started doing any actual research and that might have been a good thing because once I had started it was difficult to stop. I dreamt about birth certificates and censuses. Now a year into what will most likely be a lifelong project I know so much more about my heritage. 0206-03

I started collecting photos from my family and soon became frustrated that I didn’t know who the persons on the photos were. Sure someone would remember their name but who were they? Where did they come from? Did they do something special? Did they love someone special? All these questions and more were constantly on my mind and there was no one to answer them, so in order to get the answers I wanted, I realized I had to find them myself.

And that’s when I was introduced to I signed up for their free version, thinking I would never find more then 250 persons to put on my family tree but it soon became clear that 250 persons would hardly cover a few generations back. (Seriously some of my relatives have been very productive). It didn’t take me long to make the transfer to their premium version and are now close to 1,200 persons with some lines going as far back as the 16. century. Obviously I’m hooked!0206-04

I received a mail today from a gentleman that was new to and therefore also new to smart matches (When you get a match between your family trees). We had a match 3 generations back and he was excited to find an unknown relative. He asked me if the excitement would last when you started getting more matches between your own family tree and others – and in short the answer is yes!

When reading about my ancestors lives and thinking of my own life I’ve wondered about what lives their brothers and sisters descendants live today? How far are we from each other in what we do and how we live our lives? If we are who we are partly from where we come from, we can’t be that far from each other after all, right?

So yes I’m excited every time I get a match and even more every time I hear from someone I get a match with. The whole process of working with your heritage is so fore filling and I wish everyone would take the time to do it, even if it is time consuming. In the beginning scrapping and heritage meant putting old photos on fancy layouts, today it is so much more. It’s getting a mail from a relative you didn’t knew you had. It’s falling in love with someone else’s love story. It’s feeling the dry tears burn in your eyes when reading about loss and tragedies. It’s one of the most wonderful experiences you can give yourself and your family. Don’t wait until all anyone remembers is the names of someone who once meant something to someone.


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