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Friday, February 3


So here’s the reason why I’ve been a bit quiet recently. This past Tuesday I tried to win a fight with a dentist and I’m sad to admit that I lost the fight. He got his money, one of my teeth and all I got from it was days with serious pain. It was seriously painful – and still is at times.

I broke a tooth and although I tried to ignore the pain by Tuesday morning it was clear that there was no other solution then having the tooth pulled out. It’s not like I really needed that tooth after all since it was ‘just’ a wisdom tooth and we all know I’m not that wise to begin with but I hate going to the dentist. They might look friendly enough, but mark my words – they are evil!

Wednesday morning I felt like I had just done 12 rounds with Mike Tyson and it didn’t help that my hands were swollen and bruised because this genius forgot to wear gloves in what feels like the coldest winter ever! People are dying around Europe from this cold and then I’m stupid enough to not even wear gloves. I guess I got what I deserved. But in between bruised hands and a heavy dose of pain medication I didn’t have much desire to blog.

The hands are healing fine and I’ve been able to cut the pain medication in half so there’s still hope for me I guess but I’ll be damned if I let the dentist win the next round.


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