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Tuesday, January 10

We all know that Pinterest is extremely time-consuming. I for one can spend hours there looking at all the pretty things and pin them with the clear intent of trying it out myself at some point. With my one year anniversary as a pin-addict I’m afraid that ‘some point’ never seemed to arrive. Instead of doing the actual work trying something out, it was so much easier to go back to Pinterest to see what else was new.

Well I’m proud to say that I finally tried making something inspired by something I saw on Pinterest.

I had noticed this tutorial on how to make letterpress in Photoshop by Pugly Pixel. I had noticed it, but not pinned it. And before I show you my attempt, let me just say, that I need a bit more practice to make it look perfect but it is definitely a technique I’ll try again.


Pugly Pixel has an excellent video tutorial so I’m not even going to try and tell you how it is done – after all take a look on her blog, she’s clearly the queen of letterpress. I will however give you a tip if you still live in the dark ages and like me can’t stop using Photoshop Elements 5.0. I’ve used that software for so long that I feel I know it as much as the backside of my hand. However PSE 5.0 does have its shortcomings and one of them is the inability to control your shadows, especially your inner shadows. The tutorial gives very specific instructions on how to set the inner shadow to achieve the letterpress look, so if you are working in PSE 5.0 here’s how it can be done.

On a separate layer add a stroke of 5 pixels or so in black. It should be an outer stroke. Now you clip the stroke to the number, letter etc. (See Marcee Duggar’s excellent tutorial if you are unsure how to do that) To get the shadow effect I used a Gaussian blur on 6,5. Now you can move your shadow anywhere you like. Make it as big or as small as you want. Basically you can do anything you can do in the full Photoshop – in Elements 5.0. At least when it comes to inner shadows. Cool, right?


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