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Sunday, January 29

So I was pretty excited just last week that we didn’t have snow in Denmark yet. I had even started believing that perhaps this would be a winter without snow (my favorite kind of winter) and then we woke up this morning and saw this.


Snow as far as the eye could see, which isn’t that far, we do live in the city after all. If the garden had looked winter dull before it was nothing compared to now.


Even my roses which had been in bloom up until now had given up and surrendered to King Winter. Talk about a pitiful sight.


The only one remotely happy about the change of weather was Buller. When I let him out in the garden you could almost see him thinking ‘Is this real? Is it really snow?’ before charging down the stairs and into the snow.

I stayed inside for the better part of the day. There’s no way I’m going out unless I have a good reason. I got a couple of painting projects finished, worked on some new products and wondered how it is that a weekend can pass in a second when Monday to Friday seems like an eternity.


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  1. LOL! Xander and I was equally happy to see all that snow. We have bought a new sled today and have been sledding 3 times today. We love King Winter and all his snow