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Wednesday, January 25

Let us go back to London for a bit, with a stop in Berlin – and Copenhagen for just a second. When we went to London a few years ago it was before I exchanged my point and shoot for a DSLR. I was into photography but hadn’t taken the plunge yet into the sea of DSLRs. I took hundreds of photos in just the few days we were there but when I came home and saw the photos I wasn’t overly impressed. Somehow the photos didn’t capture the urban feel. They looked a bit too nice and flat. Nothing like the vibrant city we had just visited.

Back then I did some editing in Photoshop Elements but honestly I never got the right look. Move along a few years and after a trip to Berlin I had the same feeling upon seeing my photos. They were somehow too pretty. This time I did my editing in Lightroom 3 and loved the results I was getting. No doubt that Lightroom is a much more powerful tool in your photo editing but I also found a style I thought was perfect.


Full of contrast, lots of black added and just a bit desaturated.


Even the lousy photos I got through the glass at the TV Tower in Berlin suddenly came to life. Here were the streets as I remembered them. Visiting the big cities isn’t always the most beautiful but I love the intense look of the streets and the many buildings that are surrounding them.


Even the TV tower looked much better after a quick editing in Lightroom. I remember the day so clearly. It had rained all the way to Berlin and suddenly as we were taking the first trips around the city the sun came out of its hiding. Perfection! There are many things that a clear blue sky is the best for when taking photos but I do love how the sky can look when cloudy with just a hint of sunshine.


Take this photo from the National Museum in Copenhagen. When I took the photo I didn’t see what you can see on the left photo. I saw the deep shadows and contrast on the photo to the right. I saw the age of the stones in the ceiling and how the low autumn sun found its way in through the columns.

Some day I wish I will be a good enough photographer to be able to take the photo as I see it but until then I’ll gladly be cheating a bit and edit my photos.


If you have Lightroom and have a few big city photos you need to edit then feel free to try out the preset I made. I used it on all the photos in this post – and the ones I’ve shared earlier from my London album. Simply click the preview to go to the download. Have fun with them – and then come back and let me know how it worked for your photos.


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