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Sunday, January 15

It’s the last day for submitting your layout to the 2012 Scrappy Awards. Have you made your decisions yet?

Or perhaps more importantly have you decided on a date yet for the award show? As mentioned I decided to bring last years date again this year. 0115-01

There’s no doubt that the hardest part about the Scrappies is the actual judging but for me one of the most fun parts is messing around and making my avatar. Oh the glory of a good photo editing tool and you can look anyway you want. Last year I went as a blond while I chose a darker look this year. If only it was as easy IRL to get a total makeover like this.

Which reminds me of this video. Did you all see it? It is so much fun.

Anyway this is the final warning, the galleries will be closing at midnight DSP time so be sure to get your entry in before that.


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