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Monday, January 9

It has turned in to a monthly event even if I wished it could be a weekly event but I’ve got a new kit at the store. It is called Rockability and is inspired by my art journaling project. It is a great starter kit if you are only just now ventured into the art journaling area.


Pick it up here

Here are a couple of layouts I’ve made with it so far. The first one is probably the closest I’ll ever get to making something that looks a bit messy (and you know I hate messes) but I still kind of like it and it was very therapeutically to make.


And for all you art journaling virgins I’ve always made a more traditional layout with photos from a Take That concert back in 2007. They broke my heart last year after having to cancel their concert just hours before they were supposed to go on. Instead of a great evening with my favorite guy (Howard Donald in case you are wondering) I got to spend it at the pier eating ice-cream with my other favorite guy (Flemming, not that I think you were wondering about this one).


I’ve even got a freebie for you. It’s a cluster made with the kit and yes, you might recognize it from my layout.


Get your freebie here

But enough about freebies and art journaling – please just go buy the kit. I’ll be forever grateful.


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  1. So glad I went looking for more freebies on your blog because I LOVE this new collection and the companion freebie is fabulous. Thanks so much Jeanet!!!