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Saturday, January 21


In the book my mother kept the first years of my life she has written that I sung before I really spoke. I loved listening to the radio and dance. Naturally I have no recollection of this but I do know that I can't remember a time where I didn't love music and where I didn't use it to not only define every feeling but also understanding life. Music is life and it will teach you everything you'll ever need to know.

In elementary school it was playing the piano, guitar, drums and accordion. It was singing in choir, musicals and church. It was in everything I did, still in everything I do. Sadly I never were any good at playing instruments although learning to play the piano is something I want to learn very badly. My singing voice is not all that great either. It isn’t terrible but definitely not something I would share with others apart from my husband when I forget that he’s home and I suddenly find myself sitting singing along to some tune on the radio. I wish that I was better so I could have shared my passion for music with others. So that I could inspired others in the same way that I feel inspired every time I turn on the radio – and trust me it is on all the time. Of course these days it isn’t the radio but Spotify that is on the entire time.


It was listening to my grandmother's old records, my mother's tapes and my own CDs. It was my first adventure on my own at age 13 with a girlfriend at a Take That concert. It lifted my mood and made me ride my bicycle faster on my way to work. It was my comfort on the long lonely night's where it felt like morning would never come. It was songs to fall in love to and songs to break up to.

My ‘Soundtrack of My Life’ art journaling project started as a way of trying to connect two things I love very much. Music and scrapping. I wanted to take the songs that has meant the most to me and somehow translate them into layouts. Some of them are rather silly, others quite depressing, but it is all full of life as I have know it.


When I started the project I had an idea that I would love the pages coming out of it but I don’t think I had any idea of how much I would enjoy the process and how therapeutically it would be. If you’ve followed the project so far you will know that I’ve made a lot of depressing pages but what you might not know is how relieved I’ve felt after completing them. It has helped me let go of a lot of old ghosts and move on. All because of a joint venture between scrapping and music. Who needs a therapist when they can scrap, right?


PS. Waiting for the result from the contest the other day? Don’t worry I’ll be back tomorrow with the winner.

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