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Sunday, January 8

I use music a lot to describe how I feel and today is no different. Bette Midler’s beautiful song from the movie ‘For the Boys’ ‘ Every road leads back to you’ has been on my mind all day. If you haven’t heard the song, please do. If you haven’t seen the movie, please do. It is one of my all time favorites.

The song is kind of sad, well, perhaps not kind of sad. It is sad, okay? Let me just share a bit of the lyric with you…

Old friend, here we are,
after all the years and tears
and all that we've been through.
It feels so good to see you.

I must have traveled down a thousand roads.
Been so many places, seen so many faces,
always on my way to somethin' new.
Old friend, there were times
I didn't want to see your face
or hear your name again.
Now those times are far behind me.

Now what has brought on this sadness you might ask. Well, very soon I’ll be saying goodbye to a dear friend. He isn’t all that young any longer and admittedly he has seen his share of injuries. We’ve tried to patch him up every time but there comes a moment when you know that you have to say goodbye. But it is hard when I start to think about all the things we’ve seen together. Last year on Bornholm, the year before all the way to Berlin. We’ve been in Germany together countless times, taken the ferry from Denmark to Sweden to go shopping. He’s followed me when I’ve travelled around Denmark and part of Sweden to see some amazing concerts and not once has he complained that I played the music too loud or sung out of tune. No matter what I’ve done he has just put up with it. We’ve argued a bit, but then again, don’t all couples do that? No matter what he’s been there by my side for the last 6 years.

As we pulled out of the driveway today we left him standing behind looking all sad and a flinch of guilt hit me. I wish that I could mend him, that I could make him okay again. I don’t care if he has lost his handsome look but he has not lost his charm. He will always be my first.



Kia Pride 2005 – 2012

Forever in our hearts


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