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Monday, January 23

I recently cleaned out my reader. I had hundreds of blogs in and honestly some days I could have used hours to get through it. So I decided it was time to clear out all those that didn’t inspire me any longer. Remember I’m trying to get more done this year, not just have more to do. So giving up on lots of my blog feeds was all in process of making my life more simple.

I did however keep a lot of blogs and I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you. You might notice there are no scrapping blogs in the list but that is simply because I have too many in my reader to make a decision on which are my favorites. I love them all.

We’ve been doing a lot of redecorating on our house these past couple of years so naturally I’m subscribed to a lot of blogs about interior decorating, home improvement etc. Here are a few of my favorites.

0122-01Meet the Bower family Katie, Jeremy and their darling son Will. Their blog is all about home improvement and keeping life real. I love reading along and getting inspired to do more stuff.

0122-02It’s more home decorating then home renovating but I love the style of the blog. It is a lot of white mixed with lots of colors – and despite the grey look of my blog – I do love lots of colors in my home.

0122-04I’ve found some of the best ideas on this blog. The subtitle of the blog is ‘For less!’ and I’m always interested in saving a bit of money that could be spend on something more fun.

Photography blogs is the best way to feel instant inspired for me. Not just when it comes to taking more photos but also in the design process.

0122-06Not only do this couple take amazing photos but they are also hilarious. I wish my husband were as interested in photography as I am – and I wish I was as good as Bobbi+Mike are.

0122-07There’s no doubt in my mind that Jasmine Star truly is a star. She is an amazing photographer and I have the deepest respect for not only what she do but who she is.

If I could have one wish granted it would be the ability to always be organized. Okay this is probably not entirely true, but I still feel this way several times a week when I’ve lost something – again.

0122-09This is Jen’s blog and I have loved it since first finding it. I’ve spend hours going back and read old post. She has some of the best – and cutest ideas on how to live an organized life. She’s so my hero.

Last but definitely not least there is one blog that I would get up early on Sunday to read. It has made me cry, rage, feel sick to my stomach and enjoy life for all the things it is.

0122-10The idea behind the blog is that people can mail in a postcard with their darkest secret and share it with the world. I love the blog because I truly believe that once we tell our secrets to someone the burden of carrying it around will not be as heavy. I suspect that a lot of the ‘secrets’ are totally made up by someone craving the attention but every now and then there’s a note from someone I can relate to and it feels so good knowing that I’m not the only one dealing with it.

So there you have it. Seven blogs to add to your reader today.


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  1. I am here by awarding you the [url=]Liebster blog award[/Url]

    Love your photos, all of them are amazing and we are honored to have a spot on your wall