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Saturday, January 14


… I know that I’m still every bit in love with reading as ever. I won’t bore you with every book I read last year. Some of them I didn’t even like one bit but there were a few I loved and know I’ll be reading again soon.

'Io sono Dio ' (I am God) is a beautifully written, fast paced story about how one man looses himself in Vietnam and returns to the States full of hatred to the government that betrayed him so badly. The main story is the classic tale about finding the bad guy and stop him in time to save everyone from dying under cruel circumstances, but it's also about finding peace with whom you are, what you are. The plot of the book worked very well in my mind and although I was closer then I thought to figure out who 0114-03the bad guy was, I was surprised as the horrible truth were revealed at the end.
I'm not a huge crime novels fan but I am a Faletti fan. His way with words intoxicate me to a point where I find myself vanishing into a rainbow of words that together fills my heart with promises of love and a perfect world - only to be brought back a moment later with the cruel events that our non-perfect world at times makes us deal with.
Most descriptive writers have a tendency to get lost in the details. The attention they give every new thing mentioned overshadows the plot and for some it goes so bad that their novels ends up as nothing more then printed pages filled with words. It takes more then that to write a book. Although Faletti is a descriptive writer and it is one of the reasons I love him so, he knows when to dwell and when to move on and perhaps more importantly, he knows how to say a lot in just a few words.
I would certainly recommend this to anyone who would enjoy a good thriller but also anyone that enjoys books from a master of words.



I picked up this book on a shopping spree at Amazon simply because I liked the cover, well okay, not entirely the truth. A quick read of the description and I was sold. I liked the idea of that one defining moment that changes the lives of the ones witnessing it. But apart from that quick glance at the description, I didn't really know what to expect.
But by the end of page two I was caught in the drama, that one defining moment. It all happened so fast that I felt my head spinning. I didn't see it coming at all but that's just the thing. That one moment came out of the blue not only for me but also for the three women the book follows. By starting the book like this it left me, the reader, in a similar state of shock and confusion as the women. I felt their pain. My eyes burned with their tears over the loss of a person I didn't know.
Although the book begins with the death of a loved one it is in many ways a wonderful life affirming story about these three women and how that death makes them rethink their lives. Some forced, some inspired by the sudden reminder of how easy a life is lost. 0114-04

I can’t have a post about the books I loved last year without mentioning the one I read the most last year and the year before. I have the book both in Danish and English and when we went to Norway last year I considered buying it in Norwegian simply for the sake of having it.

There are not enough stars in the world to describe how much I love this book. It is a love story but it is so much more then that. Its unusual way of telling a story by only following the characters a single a year caught my interest immediately. It’ll make you cry, get angry, feel lost and found all in the same 400 and some pages. I read it 3 times just last year and I can’t wait to see the movie. I never got to go to the cinema to see it since it was on while I was sick so I’m counting down the days until it is released on DVD. I’m anxious to see how the movie version of Dex and Em are compared to the two I’ve created in my head while reading the book. Dex and Em – Em and Dex. Amazing book.

I’m also excited to find out which literary treasures 2012 have in store for me.


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