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Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year

I hope you’ve all enjoyed New Years eve but now the party is over. It’s January 1st and we all know what that means. Resolutions!

For many a new year means a lot of resolutions about doing less of something. Eat less, swear less, smoke less - you catch my drift right? To be honest I could probably benefit from attempting to do a lot of these things but this year I've decided to take a different approach to the whole resolution thing. Instead of focusing on the negative word 'less' I am going to throw all my love and attention to the much more positive word 'more'. 

More of everything

So instead of doing less, I'll be doing more of all the things I love, or at least things I wish I loved. For me that means that I want to scrap more, write more, experience more, be more to my husband and friends and take more photos. But it also means that I want to move more and challenge myself more. 

Looking back at 2011 I can't really say it was a great year or a year that will stand out in the long line of years to come. I definitely took a giant leap of faith when I applied to a designer position at DSP but apart from that there were not many things to look back on and remember the year by. Work took up much more of my time then I care to think about and while I’ve spend a lot of time complaining about not having enough time I’ve realized that perhaps I’m just not good enough to use my time wisely.

It seems to me that I’ve tried everything. I keep my phone on me almost all the time and yet I still haven’t learned to check my calendar everyday on it, let alone remember to write in it. I’m on the computer at least once a day but still haven’t figured out a way to remember clicking that little calendar icon in my mail. I need something that’s right there in front of me. A no-nonsense calendar. So this year I’m trying to go back to basic with a printed calendar (Scary, I know, in these digital days).

And since 2012 is all about more for me, of course sharing more is also on the list of things to do. So here’s the link for the calendar I’m using this month. Nothing fancy, but remember, I’m going back to basic.

January Calendar

Click image for download

So do you have any resolutions this year? Or are resolutions totally overrated?


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