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Thursday, January 19

I had intended to share a few new products with you today but time is running out for me with bedtime approaching. With the time difference between me and the DSP store (I’m 6 hours ahead) it is sometimes difficult to plan when new products are added to the store. So the new products will have to wait until tomorrow.

Instead let us look at some of my old products (it’s weird calling them old since I’m still just a newbie in the design field). I had a look at which products sold the most last year and I have to admit that I was almost not surprised by my top five products. For the most parts it is products that I love myself and have used quite a bit.



I made this kit to be able to scrap the photos from our holiday last year. I thought it would fit perfectly but sadly I still haven’t had the chance to get the album done. Someday…. Someday







Perhaps it was because I combined these with a blog freebie at the same time – or perhaps people just really liked them but I’m happy to see them in my top five.








# 3

This was kind of surprise to me as it was just that single kit. I guess that just proves that even the small kits sell.









My second best selling product was this word art set that I added to the store back in April – the first month I was with DSP.







So which product was the best selling in 2011? Well lets make it into a small contest. Whoever guesses first which of my products that I sold the most of last year will win one of my Value Collections. Take a look around the store and try and figure out which product it is.



  1. Small Wonders SVC is my guess :)

  2. I'm gonna guess it was your "Detours" VC.

  3. My guess would be Life At Sea SVC - but then it is one of my favorites, so I just have to pick that one

  4. I love Detours, so I am going to go with that.