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Wednesday, January 11


For some reason I’ve kept all my old web sized layouts kept in monthly folders since 2009. I didn’t really have any reason to do so but now looking back I thought it could be cool to try and compare them just to see how my style has changed (or not) and if I still like them. So here it is – introducing the Oldies – the pretty & the pathetic.

Here are my favorites.



This series of photos taken at Xander’s baptism is still some of my favorite photos ever and I still adore the layout. It was also my first ever published layout.



I spend hours on this, trying to create the illusion that my face was coming out of the paper. I know a lot of you don’t really like scrap photos of yourself but I find it very therapeutically.



I did a lot of research in my family’s history in 2011 and therefore I did a lot more heritage layouts then earlier. I have to admit that I still haven’t found the perfect way of combining photos and journaling – and a lot of data. But that don’t stop me from making the occasional fancy layout.

And now for my least favorites…



What was I thinking? Seriously! I was trying out new things and trying to use more bold colors. Obviously I failed!



Overall it’s not that bad but it isn’t particular great either. A bit boring, really.



Extremely boring. More often then not I totally fail at these graphic layouts. I spend hours on them, tweaking away and yet it often comes out really boring. This one is no exception.

Do you ever look back on your old layouts and wonder what you were thinking or feel inspire to create something similar?


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