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Saturday, January 7

As I sat New Year’s eve and watched the clock moving closer to midnight I couldn’t help but to think how much my life has changed during these last ten year together with Flemming. 

New Years used to mean a lot of people, food and alcohol. It was jumping around, acting like an idiot in some ridicules outfit with too much make-up on. It was watching the Queen’s speech at 6PM while pretending to be listening. Singing the alternative national anthem at midnight while pretending to remember the lyrics. Actually come to think of it – not much has changed after all.

Our first New Years eve together I was running around with my tiara and magic wand – being the queen and all. We were young and silly and together with a large group of friends. The year after we moved away from everything we knew but we still came back and celebrated every year. You just had to say the word party and we would be there.


All good things must come to an end – in order for new to arrive. One major thing changed it all. The big New Years parties ended when we got our dog. The poor thing is so very much afraid of fireworks and since we chose him it also meant a voluntary goodbye to being anywhere else then home New Years eve.

In stead we celebrate with a couple of close friends. We talk, laugh, eat, drink and have the best time.


Back then while wearing the tiara and wand I couldn’t imagine ever finding a better way of celebrating the new year and now ten years later I still sit New Years eve and can’t imagine finding a better way. I don’t want ever want it to change. Somehow during those ten years together with Flemming I really grew up – scary thought. Perhaps I need to buy a new tiara and wand for the next New Years party. A magic wand that is so I can make sure that things will stay the same this time.

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  1. Just say the word and I´ll get one too. I love our NYE together :D