Saturday, September 3

Escaping the Season

The weeks where you wish that you had just stayed in bed and ignored the world. Too much work, too little fun. I even dreamt about work. There’s just no escaping. But for a few precious hours today I enjoyed a little bit of sun, thinking out new projects to do around the house, worked on a new kit and did I mention a little bit of sun?


It was the greatest feeling in the world to just sit there on the stairs in the backyard and soak up the sun, watch Flemming throw a tennis ball for Buller over and over again. Every day should be like that, but I guess that would require me to move somewhere else then Denmark. The leaves are already turning all kinds of red, yellow and brown and soon the trees will be left naked and cold in the rough winter wind.
Am I feeling a little melancholic today? You bet I am. The change of seasons always does that to me. Which is probably also the reason why I’ve been listening to Ahn Trios instrumental version of This Is Not America over and over again today.

I couldn’t find the instrumental version of it on YouTube but I think this version despite the low quality gives you the picture if you are not familiar with the small masterpiece this version truly is. So if you are looking for a bit of peace turn up your speakers, close your eyes and let Ahn Trio take you out of this world even if it is only for a little bit.


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