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Sunday, August 21

In need of a …. hike

Sometimes I forget just how beautiful this country is. All through the rain and general bad weather this summer we've spend so much time indoors that the grandeur of the green fields stretched out in front of you has been forgotten.Yesterday was one of those rare sunny days where we both had the day off work and although we had plenty of things that needed to be done around the house we decided to play hooky on life for a bit and go out for the day. 

The website said the hike was 5 kilometers but I guess we should have known better as we had to turn around 3 times to find the right path just to get down to the beach. But once we were finally there it was worth everything. The view was amazing.


Buller was beyond excited. A new place to explore and lots of water to play in.


We were all alone on the beach and at first I didn’t really understand why. The place was so beautiful and the day felt like magical. But as we started the walk up the beach I began to understand why the place was so empty.


There must have been a million and two stones on the beach making it very hard to walk. Weeks and weeks of rain had made the ground underneath so moist that at times it felt like we were trying to walk on water.


We were both looking down a lot to avoid tripping and that’s when Flemming found this piece of sea glass. I love sea glass. The feel of it against your fingers, the colors but most of all I love to imagine what it once were. Flemming is not so fascinated with sea glass but he still picked it up and took it home because it had the number 12 on it. We live in number 12.


It took us almost two hours for the walk just along the beach and when we finally had firm ground under our feeth again we were pretty worn out. I was worn out Friday night after a long week at work but the feeling was quite different after the walk. For the first time this week I actually felt relaxed. I so needed this hike.

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