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Tuesday, August 2

“I’ll be there in 20”

If you are anything like me you are likely to hear that sentence a lot from your spouse. I hear it all of the time and I hate to wait since waiting is time wasted that could have been used on something else. So what do you do when you’ve just got those 20 minutes? Well, this August I was hoping you’d do The Consistent Scrapper challenge with me.

I gave you an assignment yesterday. A really simple template for you to turn into a layout in just 20 minutes. Of course I can’t give out assignments without doing them myself. So here’s the preview of the template before.


And here’s my layout – 20 or so minutes later


Now if you read my post yesterday you’ll know that the template was based on another layout of mine, so let us just for the fun of it see the two layouts side by side.

0722-5 Xander

The photo placement is the same but apart from that they don’t look alike. On the original I placed my embellishment from corner to corner and on the new one I centered them around the middle. So the tip for today is to invest in a few really good templates and then keep reusing them in different ways. With this particular template I could have turned it, removed some of the photos or resized the photos. Just by doing this I could use the template 3 times and get a layout done in 20 minutes. Has scrapping ever been easier?

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  1. Thank you so much Jeanet, this is really cool:)
    Liz (aka MaryElizabeth@dsp)