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Wednesday, August 10

I ♥ London

Two years ago we spend a long weekend in London and although I’ve intended to turn the photos into an album ever since we got home, I’ve just never gotten as far as this time. Blame it on the consistent scrapper challenge or London being so much on the news these days, but something inspired me to finally have a look at the photos and trying to  put them together as a cohesive album.  I’m not good at cohesive albums. I usually get bored doing the same thing twenty times over but I do love the look of them completed.

001   002
004   003

Who knows, perhaps by the time this album is done I’m about ready to go for another trip to my favorite capital of the world. Okay who am I kidding, I am always ready to go back there for a pint of beer and a Pret sandwich with a bag of crisps.

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