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Monday, August 1

The Consistent Scrapper Challenge

Summer is almost over and it’s time to get back to business. I’ve hardly made a layout all summer and I’ve not even started on my vacation album yet. So I thought August would be the perfect time to have a Consistent Scrapper challenge. You might remember the deal from last time.
Make a layout every single day during the month of August. It’s that simple… and that difficult!
Now I know that for a lot of you the kids are not quite back to school yet and August is still full of things related to the summer. Long warm nights that are better spend outside, daytrips and [YIKES] gardening. So let’s make a slight change this time. Instead of just planning to make one layout every day, tell yourself to only use 20 minutes every day to get this layout done. It’ll be like a speedy speed scrap.

How to get layouts done fast!

Usually I’m not a fan of having to get something done just for the sake of getting it over with, unless we are talking about a trip to the dentist. And I’m especially not a fan of it when it comes to something creative, like scrapping!  But sometimes you simply need to force yourself to be creative on command and setting a time limit is a great way of finding creativity even when you think you don’t have any. 
So to get layouts done fast consider using a template.  Templates can really speed up the process because you don’t have to worry about photo placement and trying to decide what looks pleasing to the eye. Someone else has already taken that decision for you.
Of course if you are anything like me templates are not always the quick way to making a layout. I usually look at templates as nothing more then
starting points and I rarely use them as they are. But perhaps trying to stay true to the original template would be another great exercise this month.

If you want to do it even faster, then you might want to use a quick page or a plopper as we call it at DSP. The layout is really made for you and you can choose to just plop your own photos into but if you want to use your own creativity, you can always add more stuff to it.
I didn’t make the small layout above in 20 minutes, obviously, but if you look closer you’ll see that the construction of it isn’t all that complicated (Which is the reason why I don’t make many templates). It’s all about what you add to it. Your photos, embellishment and journaling is what makes your layout shine.
So to get you started I’ve made the layout into a very simple template. It’s three layers. A background, a shadow layer and a photo layer. Download the file, set the alarm to 20 minutes and start creating!


Download it here.
Don’t forget to share your layout in The Consistent Scrapper forum at DSP.

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