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Thursday, August 25

The Art Journaling Pixel Pathway

I’ve written about art journaling before. At first I was not a fan but with time I’ve learned to appreciate it both for the art form and for the therapeutic effect it has on me. So I am excited to be sharing my little part in the Art Journaling mega kit I’ve created together with my fellow DSP designers.

Since I last wrote about art journaling the store has been filling up with goodies to use for your art journaling. Don’t forget to check it out regularly. It is a work in process. And so is my art journaling album. It is my favorite to work on at the moment. Here are just a few of my recent layouts.

SeeTheSun HomeForChristmas

I’ve even got a new kit in the store. A bit girly and very cheerful, because Art journaling can also be that.


Imaginary World

But lets get back to the megakit, that is why you are here today after all. This is the last stop on the DSP Pixel Pathway, unless you for some reason started in the middle if so please follow the link in the bottom. Here’s what it should look like once you’ve collected all the pieces. 


And here are my pieces for you.


Feel free to download the 200PPI or 300PPI version by clicking the numbers.

Now hurry over to Lauren Bavin for your next piece if you haven’t already been there. If you’ve got them all, start scrapping. It is always a joy to explore your own creativity doing art journaling. And don’t forget to share your layouts at the Art Journaling Gallery.