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Friday, August 26

3 Reasons why you should try out for the DET


The deadline for signing up for the next DET contest at Digital Scrapbook Place is getting close now and I know that a lot of members have been going back and forward on whether to sign up or not. So here are my Top 3 reasons why you’ve would want to sign up for the contest.





The contest is always so much fun. You might expect people to get very competitive but really they are not. The love is everywhere usually at DSP but even more so during the contest. DSP is filled with members and designers wishing the best for you. So even if you might not think you are ready for this kind of competition, the love and support can get you a long way. At least that was my experience at my very first competition back in, wow has it been that long, 2008 I think it was.




One of the requirements while being on the DET is that you make 8-10 layouts a month. Well you know me I'm all about scrapping more, saving as many memories as possible. But the important thing here is that when you know you have to deliver and there will be people admiring and honestly judging your every move it will help you not only be more organized and effective but also in the end be a better scrapper. A valuable trade to take with you once you leave the DET again.




But the best thing about being on the DET is not the free products. It is the friendships that take their first early steps during the six months you do together as a team and keeps evolving afterwards as a DET Alumna. I truly believe that I’ve made friends for life in that group.

The way I see it this is an opportunity you can't say no to. I'm not saying this as a designer but as a DET alumna. Being on the DET is one of the best things I've done for myself and why I did it twice. So what are you waiting for? Hurry over and …


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