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Saturday, June 4

One of my favorite things

Well obviously it is not the most thrilling photo ever but trust me these past two days have been anything but thrilling. It has just been hard work while everyone else has been out enjoying the sun during their mini break. It is just one of the fantastic things about working in a store. You have to work while everyone else gets an extra day off work. So both tonight and last night when I got home from work I did one of my favorite things every summer. I went out into the evening and sat at the stairs from the garden to the house, next to the lavenders and simply breathed. When you've been stuck in humid, smelling store all day there is better then to just sit there. Listen to the birds singing the day to sleep and smelling the lavenders as they move gently in the wind. It is by far my favorite thing to do after such long days at work.

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