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Sunday, June 5

Bye, Bye week

In just a few short hours Glee will be on which for us marks the end of another week. I don't know who decided to show Glee Sunday night but it is the perfect way to end the week. Music, comedy and no need to use the brain to understand it. 

We've spend a lot of time outside this week which my burned skin leaves a painful reminder of. I know I ought to know better then to get a burn but to my defense I did remember the sun screen. It just didn't work as well as I could have hoped for. We had an extra day off work this week which in reality meant nothing to me since I worked Saturday as well this week. 
Today we've been in the garden most of the day. We did some much needed gardening and I cried a little over the sad state of my roses. They have not enjoyed the sun this week as much as the weeds seem to have.

I think Sunday afternoons are Bullers favorite time of the week. We are (usually) both home and if the weather is good we spend the day outside. Of course he was right there with us today, overlooking the work we did and waiting patiently for us to throw the ball. Well, okay, semi-patiently waiting. We are working on that part. 

So what happened this past week? Well...
I added a couple of new products to the store. Whispers of Summer kit and The Fancy Line-Up Groupie which you can still get the freebie from. I continued to read To kill a mockingbird which I have to admit that I'm loosing interest in the further into the book I get. I listened to Julia Sheer with You will never be a lot. I worked on a new kit which I have no idea where the idea came from or what on earth I'm going to call.
Look back in a couple of days, I think I'm going to need help in naming these guys.

I even managed to get a couple of layouts done
Well now that I look back on this week I'm no longer surprised that I'm feeling a bit tired. Thank goodness it's Monday tomorrow. Wait something seems wrong with that statement... ;)

Have a great Sunday evening everyone.

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